✔️ Features of new pubg mobile 2022 update. Steps to download latest update for pubg mobile aftermath pubg mobile 1.8

Features of new buggy game update 2022, after buggy game developers officially announced new update release, and since then search increased on all famous search engine for new buggy game update features. 2022 and what updates and additions are planned for the twentieth season.

It should be noted that an official statement has been released by the company owning the game Peggy, to release a new update under version 1.8, and it should be noted that the new update should start in the last hours, and from the beginning From the very first minutes, all players can update the game and play in the new update to version 1.8, PUBG is one of the largest and most popular international games available today , and for more details, follow us.

Features of New PUBG 2022 Game Update

Many features of the new PUBG 2022 update have been announced, and one of the most important features that made all players to download the new update is that the game space is expected to be reduced because the game space is currently 1.8 GB Android, but after the update it is expected to become 1.8 GB of bytes, to facilitate downloading the game on weak devices, in addition, with the new update, and this is one of the best features, the Winning-Moment Photo function will add photos of the last seconds in the gym so that they are documentary photos, and motorcycles with a number of motorcycles have been Added Single player and his speed exceeds the speed of the normal cart.

PUBG MOBILE 1.8 Update Jan 2022 Latest Update “After Clash”

How to Get PUBG Game Update

To download the Baji game in the new update, which is the twentieth season, go to Google Play or the online store on your mobile, then click on the search box inside the store and search for the game Baji. , click on the word update in services and specifications, click on it and wait for the update to complete.

Peggy Mobile is striving to achieve the best game level of the players through this update thus giving the players more opportunities for the player to get better rounds and matches thus releasing new updates for him.

It is known that the PUBG company strives for perfection through which the player experiences exaggerated excitement and a high level of adrenaline. Therefore, the company is constantly uploading new updates that come with lots of changes which the player discovers while playing the game collectively. or individually. A new update has been released for popular games from July 9th.

New Pubg Update Requirements

The company said the game doesn’t need to stop the server when updating, but all you have to do is update manually from Google Play, or the iPhone app without having to stop the server, because the game is not updated automatically.

Features of New PUBG 1.8 Update

The new Buggy update included many features sought after by Buggy players around the world, and one of these features is the addition of a modified version of the Levik map, where players enjoy fast-paced battles and full of action. The biggest additions players have been waiting for, especially with the emergence of new advanced weapons in the latest PUBG update.

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