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Despite their potential in this area, encryption and blockchain technology has not yet disrupted the social networking space.

However, with the rapid rise in cryptocurrency adoption in the past few months, social platforms focused on digital assets have gained some momentum. This paves the way for them to challenge the dominance of tech giants such as Facebook, Google and Twitter in a market that is expected to It arrives About 950 billion US dollars by 2026.

In this article, we have compiled three excellent crypto social platforms that you can try right now to connect with fellow scammers on the blockchain.

Let’s see them!

1. Cell


  • Large active community of crypto users
  • A rapidly growing ecosystem of dApps
  • Coin rewards for posting high quality content and active participation
  • High speed blockchain network


  • Fork Project
  • The complexity of the ecosystem can discourage users who are not familiar with cryptocurrency

Beehive It is one of the most established social networks in the crypto space that was launched as a community fork of Steemit after Tron’s acquisition of the popular blogging and social media site.

Since its launch in February 2020, Hive has become a leading social coding platform for social networking, Is characterized by Nearly 700,000 monthly active users plus a fast growing ecosystem of dApps.

Its primary solution, the Hive Blog, rewards users for actively participating and posting high-quality content in the Hive Dollar (HBD) native stablecoin that supports the ecosystem along with the HIVE token.

Its growing ecosystem and active support from the community has allowed the project to transform from an encrypted blog network into a high-speed, scalable and powerful integrated social ecosystem built on a high-speed, scalable and robust blockchain designed to host Web3 applications.

2. BitClout


  • fast growing community
  • Familiar interface based on Twitter design and functionality
  • Ability to receive content tips and unlock special coin
  • Based on the blockchain designed to host decentralized dApps and social networks


  • Brief history of the market
  • There are not many additional features related to cryptocurrency other than the basic Twitter functionality

With its public launch in March 2021, BitClout It is basically the decentralized version of Twitter as it uses the same design and features but without a central authority that exercises control over the social network.

BitClout runs on DeSo, a highly scalable blockchain network designed to host decentralized social networks and dApps. He was About 300,000 users were on its platform in late June, which is a good achievement considering its short history in the market.

In addition to keeping basic functions like following, commenting, liking and undoing on Twitter, BitClout has an interesting feature that allows creators to release their own coins, which others can buy and sell via the social network.

Moreover, while users can send crypto tips to content creators, they can own a portion of BitClout by purchasing the original DESO token on the DeSo blockchain.

3. Blockster


  • fast growth
  • Unified platform to access a variety of cryptographic content
  • Connect with over 500,000+ crypto enthusiasts and over 200 companies
  • An original deflation symbol with revenue sharing benefits


  • It’s in early access; A full year release can be expected in the first quarter of 2022

While Blockster The new kid on the block, it has grown exponentially since the launch of the testnet in July 2021. The project had over 200+ business partners and over 500,000 users on its queue ahead of its public launch in the first quarter of 2022.

Blockster describes itself as an all-in-one content platform for cryptocurrencies, where you can get all kinds of information related to digital assets. Meanwhile, as it will soon open to the public, users can create an account on Blockster to join their communities as well as connect and interact with fellow blockchain scammers.

Launched by a large team of professionals who founded Digitex for a commission-free digital asset exchange, you can find everything you need on Blockster, from fresh news and opinion articles to educational articles, tips, tricks, strategies for earning coins and regular video content.

At the same time, you can track the currencies in your wallet in real time via blockwatch The aggregator Connect with the teams behind the projects Read high-quality content from over 150 writers and industry thought leaders block diskFollow and interact with your favorite blockchain companies, and much more.

Most importantly, crypto projects can avoid the blanket ban of traditional social networks to target high-quality audiences on the self-service advertising platform Blockster Ads.

Blockster is powered by the original BXR token, which will soon be fully integrated into the project platform to be used as a medium of exchange for all transactions (eg, user-to-user transfers, market orders, ad payments).

Interestingly, while BXR has a maximum supply of 100 million coins, the project burns 5% of the BXR spent on advertising to facilitate a long-term appreciation of the cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, Blockster shares 20% of its advertising revenue with BXR stakers.

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