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400 looted artifacts seized the image of the National Police

Seizing 400 looted artifacts, according to the National Police. The Historic Heritage Brigade will hand them all over to the Albacete and Cuenca Museums.

Found through social networks

Among the artifacts recovered through social networks, a knife and a parcel from the Bronze Age stand out. Both objects were found in an investigation that began as a result of tracking in social networks for artifacts that could come from looting, which led to a person living in the town of Al-Baseet, through his profile on a social network, showing a knife from the Bronze Age. After asking about the possible period the piece belongs to for forum users, another user from Cuenca replied that it belonged to the Bronze Age and also showed him a halberd he owned from the same period.

After verifying that these people were users of other web pages where they displayed other artifacts, the clients of the Historic Heritage Brigade went to these areas to take a tip from these people and proceed to interject both pieces, as well as others who could. of illegal origin.

Cuenca Provincial Museum

In Cuenca, investigators confiscated 156 artifacts dating back to different periods, including a halberd, 73 coins, 5 thimbles, 6 buckles and 6 points. They were all delivered to the Cuenca Provincial Museum yesterday, Tuesday, November 30.

Simple County Museum

In the simple have been seized 246 artifacts belonging to different times, among which, in addition to the knife, 135 coins of different historical periods, 5 buckles, 2 lighters of the Napoleonic period, and 1 bronze arrowhead. These pieces were handed over to the Alpace County Museum today, Monday, December 1.

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