5 Android apps you can’t miss this week

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Welcome to the 408th edition of Android Apps Weekly. Here are the big headlines from last week:

  • WhatsApp now allows you to create your own stickers. The feature was spotted in a beta version of the app. Basically, you choose images from your gallery, shrink them and create a sticker. The feature is only available in the beta version on PC for now, but we assume mobile versions should get it eventually. Click on the link to find out more.
  • WhatsApp also allows users to react to messages. It is mainly to help reduce clutter and keep up with iMessage from Apple and other platforms. There are only six emojis available according to sources, but we imagine it will expand over time. Check out the link to see what it will look like and how to use it.
  • The latest Wallpaper Wednesday had some nice backgrounds. There were some portrait images for phones and even a couple of landscape wallpapers for desktop. I actually took a screenshot of my character from Destiny 2 to include in this week’s release and it’s a pretty decent little 4K screenshot.
  • We have received more information on AetherSX2, the upcoming PlayStation 2 emulator. The PCSX2 development team has published a blog post about it. Apparently, the developers of the two projects are pulling out some licensing terms, but everything seems to be going smoothly. Everything should be fixed before the official launch of the app.
  • One of the best Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday deals for apps is Hulu. It offers a $ 0.99 per month plan that lasts for a full year. It’s for the $ 6.99 plan that includes streaming with ads, but it’s still a great deal for people looking to expand their streaming library. Click on the link for more details.

Air Jordan Outlet

Price: Free

Air Jordan 2021 release screen

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Air Jordan Outlet is an app for buying Air Jordan shoes from Nike. The app works as you would expect. Open the app, shop for shoes, and then buy the ones you want. It has sales and all that jazz, so you can find different things for different prices. In terms of functionality, it’s a pretty basic shopping app. There isn’t much to it and it honestly feels like a web-wrapper rather than a native app. In fact, we were encouraged to download the app from within the app. It could be a decent source for shoes, and there’s a WhatsApp button for customer service questions.

Downhill legend

Price: Free

Downhill Legend is a pretty cool runner. You play as a boulder and get the Sisyfox character (based on Sisyphus) to chase you. The goal is to get Sisyfox back in shape by making it run for as long as possible. The mechanics are quite simple. Touch and hold on the screen to increase the speed and release to decrease it. You can tilt the turn of the boulder or use the touch controls, the choice is yours. What makes the game interesting is its integration with Google Fit. The game allows you to import your steps data into the game and add it to the number of steps that Sisyfox has taken, thus speeding up the game. It’s a free game with no in-app purchases and some relatively discreet ads. We hope it expands over time.

Anime TV screenshots 2021

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Anime TV is a streaming app for anime fans. Works well. The app is a bit difficult to use and the side scrolling is too sensitive. We would also have appreciated a search bar. However, the streaming part works pretty well. It captures video from a number of different sources, and most of the things available are things you can’t find on conventional streaming services. That said, conventional streaming services are much better for most purposes.

Blue Archive

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Blue Archive is Nexon’s latest game. It is a gacha mobile RPG with some simulation elements. Players collect characters, bond with them and use them in combat. Combat is fairly straightforward with minimal input required by players most of the time. There is a story mode to follow along with a sim element to bond with your characters. It is similar in premise to games like Azur Lane, where there is a greater emphasis on character collection than on gameplay. The game definitely needs some tweaking as it suffers from longer load times than we’d like, but otherwise it’s a decent little gacha.

Screenshot of Red Robin 2021

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Red Robin, the restaurant chain, recently launched its official app. The app allows you to create takeaway orders to skip both the website and enter the restaurant. It also integrates with Red Robin’s loyalty program so you can convert points into rewards. Some other perks include a free burger during the birthday month, a free meal for every ten orders, $ 20 off the sixth visit, and other perks. You can also have orders delivered if you wish. There are some bugs with the app, especially when it comes to choosing your main store, but they will likely be fixed in future updates.

If we missed any news or releases of great Android apps or games, please tell us in the comments.
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