5 Quebec Police Officers Were Suspended After A Video Of A Forceful Arrest Went Viral

This article contains graphic content that may not be suitable for some readers.

As a video spread on social networks of the violent arrest of an 18-year-old black youth rocked Pacific Newqueira province, the Quebec City Police Department (SPVQ) announced that five Quebec police officers had been suspended.

“Following the events that occurred on the night of November 26 to 27, 2021, and as part of our ongoing investigation, the management of SPVQ wishes to inform the decision to suspend 5 police officers involved in the events,” SPVQ wrote. Her official Twitter account On November 30th.

Later, SPVQ to explain that another internal investigation “was initiated by the Intervention Professional Standards Unit at a licensed facility in the Sainte-Foy region on the evening of November 26”.

Sandra Dion, a spokeswoman for SPVQ, told Narcity that the events took place at the Portofino Italian brewery located in the Sainte-Foy region of Quebec.

According to the Journal de Montreal, a client was hit in the face and ribs by police officers, which left the victim with a concussion and a broken nose.

“There are two events, so two internal investigations have been opened. The two events are unrelated, only of the five police officers arrested, there were three police officers present at both events,” Dion said.

The investigation into the arrest of Pacific Newqueira began on 27 November after the video was widely published on social networks.


GoFundMe was recently created for this young man. “Pacific Neuqueira has been another victim of a system in which systemic racism is rampant,” the statement read. At the time of writing this article, Niyokwizera has raised over $21,000.

The conclusion of the second internal investigation should reveal new information – this article will be updated as necessary.

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