6 keys to succeed in the digital world from the expert and guru of influencers Lina Cáceres

10 years ago, most of us were just using Facebook social networking site For a few years, we began to understand Twitter And we hardly heard that there was a photo app called Instagram . However, at that time some saw potential social networks I started by analyzing it at its roots and finding the best ways to make use of it.


was one of them Lina Caceres , who is now an expert in the digital world and a true expert in developing online strategies for brands and influencers. As part of its participation in Youth Economic Forum Restartness A digital event, the specialist shared some tips for success in this field.

“Today’s world teaches us that it is not enough to study a degree, that we constantly have to receive new knowledge and understand the dynamics of how everything is changing. That is why this forum was created as a platform for dialogue among young people to talk about economic, cultural, political, emotional and social issues,” Says the spokesperson and event spokesperson.

It is an initiative of World Economic Forum And Restart Mexican platform Regina Islands One of the leading content creators in the digital world.

“After the pandemic, the world has changed and it was good to create a space to provide young people with new tools and present them with success stories that they can apply in their lives to have a better future,” Lina explains about the forum, which will feature more than 30 speakers including entrepreneurs, Olympic medalists, celebrities, entrepreneurs, experts, digital marketing and other personalities.

“The goal is to connect with experiences, provide valuable information, and talk about how disruptive the digital world has been and how today requires us to be more inclusive as a human being, from emotions to action, political, social and economic issues” , added. conferences Youth Economic Forum Restartness , which will take place on November 30 and December 1, will be completely free, you only need to register on their official website.

This is how a digital media expert is trained

Lina Founder and Vice President of Latin World Digital And Latin world of entertainment Digital Artist Development, Business & New Division. Created by actress Sofia Vergara and media director Luis Balaguer, we are latin Today, it is a leading Hispanic talent management and entertainment marketing company in the United States.

A journalist by profession with over 17 years in the entertainment industry, Caceres has also been a television producer on various networks. However, he found his passion in digital media about a decade ago.

“I fell in love with the digital world because I found so many young people who have achieved a wonderful phenomenon: connecting and forming communities with millions of people globally,” Lina said in an exclusive interview.

Lina Cáceres has 17 years of experience in the entertainment world and the past decade has specialized in digital management for Latin WE, Sofía Vergara’s marketing and talent management company.

The digital latin world Leadership was among the first, if not the pioneers, to evolve Digital Marketing Strategies For companies, celebrities and an emerging group of influencers .

“As a TV producer, I said, ‘I need 196 offices, one in every country, to be able to reach these kids from their homes.’ So, I had the opportunity to form the first digital management department at Latin WE, where we help these guys advance their lives. Professional. We started working with logical brands, looking for long-term relationships and transferring them to other channels, such as TV, “ Executive explained.

Cáceres has been able to remove his clients from social networks, take them to TV channels like Disney Channel or NatGeo, and even act on magazine covers. Their victories are the result of their focus on “Make it multi-platform and not just rely on one social network” .

As a pioneer, Lina had an important task to “preach brands about how they work”, explaining that “it’s not just about buying fliers.” The expert notes that in the past, companies “were very used to only selling products, and today people buy the social impact of the brand.” For this reason, Caceres says she was “a bridge between the new group of creators that were born and this new form of marketing that was developing in the digital world.”

How do you succeed in the digital world?

This question is so frequent and the answers so varied that Lina Caceres chose it as the title of her book How to win in the digital world. Launched in 2020 and available in 7 countries, the book has become the best-selling book of all time “ABC in the digital world is like a guide that seeks to bring people closer to all these tools to advertise their talents, ideas or products” The author said.

The teacher is convinced of that “People can find in the digital world a tool to show the world their talents, entrepreneurship or services” And that “They can use it like those great digital celebrities we know today as did YouTubers or Instagram.” .

As a taste of its presentation in Youth Economic Forum Restartness Lina shared her 6 essential tips for boosting your social media presence, either as a business or as a personal brand.

1. Be clear about the ‘why’ and ‘why’.

The writer explains that it is important to “understand what they want to use social networks for, and have a purpose.” One of the main concerns for those who start out in social networking for business is the dependence on platform algorithms. “We forget that we created the algorithm and we have to define it ourselves. You have to be very clear about where we want to go and what we want to achieve by opening up our social networks.”

2. Community building.

“It’s not about going and buying followers, but about building a meaningful community of real users interested in our content or brand,” he explains. According to Lina, “Only 1,000 people are enough to survive from the digital society I created,” and therefore, this should be the first goal on the horizon.

3. Bet on omnichannel.

“We are not in a single world, but in a multi-channel world. We are creating communication channels at all points of contact with our customers, both online and offline,” Caceres explains.

“We have to understand this and be ready to create multi-channel brands or start-ups. The user experience in social networks is replicated offline in all the channels and points of physical contact that you have with users, to create loyalty,” the expert added.

4. Be a voice, not an echo.

For a bestselling author, the key to creating valuable content that engages users is deciding what you can contribute to your audience.

“I always tell them it’s about being a voice for the platforms, not an echo. A personal brand should be built with a very clear goal in pursuit of impact. It’s not about likes or popularity. You have to ask yourself: What should I communicate? What is it? The only one I should allow just to build a community?” explained Restartness Economic Youth Forum spokesperson and speaker.

5. You have to be multitasking and self-made.

One aspect that surprised Lina was how those who are now great users of YouTube managed to do everything themselves from the very beginning: create the idea, manage the camera and lighting, edit and manage their social networks.

“It was one of the biggest shocks for me, because I’m a TV producer and I need a whole production team. But they came and did everything themselves and I said, ‘I think it’s time to reinvent ourselves’, because we need to keep up.”

6. Run your networks like a business from the start.

If you are already clear that you are going to use digital channels to promote your brand or become an influencer, you should treat them professionally. “It is essential to put together budgets and know how to manage your resources. Being able to know. Be clear that at the end of the day this is a business and you have to be aware of the needs that you are going to have.”

For example, Caceres says that some start-ups, in order to stand out faster or streamline operations, choose to hire production teams, “but they spend all the money in three months and they can’t go any longer, and they run out of gas.”

To find out more, contact Youth Economic Forum Restartness On November 30 and December 1. The conferences are completely free and you can watch them by simply registering on their official website.

“The pandemic has just happened, I think the world has changed a lot and sometimes we feel lost. This forum is the revitalization we need to start 2022 with the batteries in place. If we don’t start making strategic plans from now on, another year will pass without progress.” And we want to be prepared for everything that is coming,” concluded Lina Caceres.


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