Algoma U and Northern College Partnership Showcase in Computer Games Tournament

A new dual accreditation option to complete a Computer Engineering Technician Diploma and a Bachelor of Computer Science in three years

During the Smash Fight Computer Games Championship hosted by Northern College, the Foundation took the opportunity to highlight the upcoming dual accreditation program in Computer Science, a partnership with Algoma University.

“A new dual-accreditation option will be offered that provides high school graduates and other eligible students with the opportunity to complete both a Computer Engineering Technician Diploma and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science in just three years (seven semesters) of full-time study,” states a statement released today.

Here is the full text of the release:

Northern College and the University of Algoma announced a new and innovative dual accreditation program in computer science this summer, and today, both institutions are excited to have the opportunity to deepen this partnership in the Smash Fight computer game tournament. This event was organized to provide students and the community with a fun and educational experience that supports the growing technology needs in the region.

“The educational landscape is constantly evolving, and here at Northern we celebrate our partnerships with other post-secondary institutions such as Algoma University. It is important that you continue to be innovative in developing programming that meets the needs of students, communities and industry,” said Eric Lapin, Professor of Computer Engineering at Northern. This long-term partnership has provided students with a number of ways to further their education in addition to also earning a diploma towards a bachelor’s degree; This is another opportunity to do so without leaving Northeastern Ontario.”

Starting in January 2022, a new dual-credit option will be introduced that will provide high school graduates and other eligible students with the opportunity to complete both the Computer Engineering Technician Diploma and the Bachelor of Computer Science degree in just three years (seven semesters) full time study.

“This new offering provides students with an opportunity to develop a range of in-demand skill sets related to the IT industry, including Cisco (CCNA), CCNA Security, Networks+, A+ Certification, Server+, Linux + Certification, and Java,” shared Simon Xu, Director Faculty of Computer Science and Technology at Algoma University, in C++ programming, database, Internet tools, operating systems, computer organization, and algorithms.

“Today was a great opportunity to interact with future students and share information about our software. Computer science is one of the fastest growing and highest-paying career paths in the world. We need to grow enough graduates to have the skills to design, develop, maintain and implement the software and hardware we all use! “

In addition to the new dual credential program, all recent graduates of Northern College Computer Engineering Technicians with a GPA of 3.00 or greater will earn up to 45 credits in the three- or four-year Bachelor of Computer Science degree programs at Algoma.

Both institutions believe in the importance of offering a range of learning opportunities for rich and in-depth post-secondary educational experiences. Innovative academic programming such as a double-accreditation in Computer Science is another option for students seeking to complete their higher education in the region.

More information about the dual accreditation program is available on the Algoma University website. Prospective domestic and international students interested in a dual-credit program in Computer Science should visit the Ontario College Application Services website.

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