Alicia Silverstone Told Drew Barrymore She Was Single and Ready to Mingle

Alicia Silverstone told Drew Barrymore she was single and ready to mingle, but got banned from dating apps twice

Navigating the complexities of relationship app profiles may be an adventure — even for well-known actors. Just ask Clueless famous person Alicia Silverstone. Now forty five and divorced, she shared with Drew Barrymore that she didn’t have tons success with relationship apps she tried. But fortunately, she did locate one which she stated works properly for her.

So, why did relationship app offerings ban Silverstone? And which one does she sense appropriate approximately withinside the end?

Alicia Silverstone and ex Christopher Jarecki formally cut up in 2018 As said via way of means of Entertainment TonigAlicia Silverstone and ex Christopher Jarecki formally cut up in 2018

As said via way of means of Entertainment Tonight, Silverstone married musician and actor Christopher Jarecki in 2005. In 2018, she filed for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences” and list their date of separation as 2016.

According to their order, Silverstone become to pay her ex $12,000 month-to-month in guide via 2024, with opportunities for termination if he need to live with a romantic associate or roommate who decreased his housing costs.

Silverstone and Jarecki proportion a son, Bear, who become born in 2011. They agreed to proportion joint custody on the time in their divorce.

How did Alicia Silverstone get banned from courting apps?

As Silverstone explained, the primary time she made a profile on a courting app, she didn’t use her actual identity. “A few years ago, I attempted to get on one of the courting apps and I placed a faux profile due to the fact I wasn’t cushty but being me,” she stated on The Drew Barrymore Show in October of 2021.

But she didn’t get the consequences she turned into likely hoping for. “I were given kicked off,” the Clueless big name shared. “I were given banned.”

After trying to different unmarried celebrities like Barrymore for braveness, Silverstone determined to provide courting apps any other try. “I were given the braveness up due to the fact I heard which you had been on,” she advised Barrymore. “And I heard that Sharon Stone turned into on. So, I turned into like, ‘Well, in the event that they may be on, I may be on.’”

And she turned into attempting now no longer to make the equal mistake twice, so she placed her discomforts apart and created a profile for her real identity. “I went on as myself, and it took a whole lot of braveness to do it. And then I did it, and I had a date with a person planned, and the day I went in to discover approximately the date wherein we had been assembly or whatever, I have been banned,” she explained. “Poor guy.”

So, withinside the end, Silverstone stated, “I were given kicked off as myself, too.”

Which relationship app labored for Alicia Silverstone?

According to People, Silverstone joined Bumble and stated it gave her a renewed “hope” for relationship. “I simply assume it’s a super manner for human beings to meet,” she stated of the app.

She explained, “You understand, I assume that it’s simply excellent that we’ve buddies which could join us. You may be installation through buddies, you could be at a celebration and inform human beings, ‘Hey, do you already know each person?’”

However, whilst the ones alternatives would possibly paintings for others, they didn’t fulfill Silverstone. “I even have enjoy wherein I’ll visit an in-character event, and no one’s simply engaged,” she went on. “They’re form of of their phones, and it’s a piece discouraging.”

She added, “It may be like, how are you alleged to meet each person withinside the actual world? You understand what I mean?”

Though she known as Bumble “an adventure,” she stated she appreciates the opportunities it creates.

“I constantly idea it sounded so fascinating. It sounded find it irresistible spread out a variety of opportunity for human beings and created hope,” she stated of relationship apps. “And I’ve heard lots of stunning testimonies from human beings. I assume it’s very plenty the norm now. And it makes sense. It’s form of like going to a bar, however it’s greater effective.”

So, withinside the end, it feels like Silverstone observed the proper app for a fulfilling relationship enjoy.

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