AMC Cancels Cult-Favorite Series Before Season 2 Even Premieres

AMC Networks is canceling one of its favorite series before the show’s second season begins. This offer will only be Kevin was the same F**k, the new dark comedy series about former Schitt’s Creek star Annie Murphy. AMC just announced in August that they have tapped Kevin Can F**k himself to renew a second season, so this announcement that it will be the show’s last show will be shocking to a few fans. Based on an exclusive TV Line report, it looks like the show makers are going to get things right.

Kevin was the same F**k You’ll, unfortunately, continue the tradition of shows with caption-laden titles that get short stints on the airwaves. For other examples check out Do not trust B —- in apartment 23 (two seasons), and $#*! my dad says (one season). Perhaps Hollywood will now have enough evidence that this tactic of tweaking – though provocative on social media – doesn’t sound like a good hook for viewers. Bowie jokes like “Sheets Creek”? Well, those still seem to work fine…

Besides its title, Kevin Can F**k himself was a very ambitious (read: confusing) premise for an hour-long show. Murphy’s character Allison MacRoberts is found in two facts: a satirical sitcom stereotype in which she is an obedient, frisky wife; And a darker, dramatic truth about a woman trying to make her way through a real, emotionally wrecked marriage.

While Kevin Can F***k himself was certainly associated with critics, the general audience wasn’t that big. As noted, the series’ introduction – although ambitious – was too confusing for casual viewers, and the series failed to generate the all-important social media buzz needed to maintain it. If anything, completing the show’s second season will give AMC the room to frame Kevin Can F**k himself as another content block on streaming service AMC+ (and other streaming platforms) where – who knows? – You might get a bigger breakout down the line.

Kevin Can Fk himself follows the story of Allison McCroberts (Murphy), a woman we all grew up thinking we knew: Sitcom’s model wife. They are pretty and can take a joke (although usually their butt). And she’s married to a guy who’s won some kind of marriage lottery, because she looks the way she is and he’s…funny. But what happens when we follow Allison out of her husband’s range? When will she finally wake up (and revolt against) the injustice in her life? Kevin FK himself was breaking with television tradition and blending multi-camera comedy with single-camera realism to make us ask, “Who and what have we been laughing at all these years?”

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