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10/01/2022 1:45pm CET

Veronica Sidero

From, the The recruitment portal of the Iberian Press Group to which this newspaper belongsWe work every day to send thousands of job offers to anyone looking for work. However, this job is not only focused on the job seeker, but also extends to all employers who are looking for employees. There is no job without someone offering it.

Hence the direct relationship between these two groups, the group that is looking for work and the group that requires workers. So, in response to both parties, we’ll stop at providing jobs. For this, all entrepreneurs who need to integrate workers play an essential role. Once the need for staff arises, how do we make that demand reach all these potential candidates? Well, from they make this process easier. You will simply have to contact them through this link With this simple procedure, you will get the ultimate help to nourish yourself with the best professionals for your business.

The team will be responsible for advising you throughout the process until the publication of your job offer, which will be published through its portal, but also thanks to its specialized articles in the employment sections of all the group’s newspapers, as well as the subsequent publication of the mentioned content on social networks.

Therefore, if you need employees and want your job offers to reach thousands of potential candidates for this position, do not hesitate and register now as a company on

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