BCI Mobile collects donations from its employees in Jordan, Palestine and Iraq to support Gaza

Amman – On June 1, BCI Mobile held an open house to collect donations from its employees in Jordan, Palestine and Iraq to purchase food and medical supplies to support the people of Gaza in current circumstances. under the slogan “Gaza…. Your kindness is earlier.
BCI Mobile CEO Fadi Baransi said employee donations will be collected in Jordan in cooperation with the Jordanian Hashemite Charitable Organization, while donations will be collected in Palestine and Iraq in cooperation with the Palestine Children’s Relief Society, which deals with providing free medical and humanitarian services for injured and sick Palestinian children that are not accessible to them locally.
Barancy announced that BCI Mobile will double the amount that will be collected by all its employees after the end of the open house, stressing that the launch of this campaign by the company comes as an improvement and support for the perseverance of families in Gaza. and the provision of food and medical supplies to aid in the recovery of the sick and injured, in addition to supporting families in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem.
Jordanian Hashemite Charity General Secretary Dr. Hussein Al-Shibli: “The Jordanian Hashemite Charity continues to receive donations for the benefit of the West Bank and Gaza Strip from all public sector companies and institutions and private, and we welcome this initiative of BCI Mobile and its employees, and we hope that these similar initiatives will continue as we continue to organize aid convoys and according to the needs received from Palestine.
It should be noted that the Jordanian Hashemite Charity is the only entity authorized to bring and deliver humanitarian aid to Palestine and in coordination with the Jordanian armed forces – the Arab Army.

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