Breakout Audio Social App Signs Exclusive Partnership Deal

TAMPA, FL, Jan 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The hack, the audio social network created for people who want high-quality, reliable content that can be easily created and heard and free from the censorship of big technology, today announced an exclusive partnership with Data Vault Holdings, Inc. Which will give Breakout users the ability to monetize their data on the platform.

Breakout, a fast-growing startup, allows its users to create rooms and join voice conversations. They can also connect with influencers and industry leaders – and meet people globally who share their interests, stories, and opportunities.

Datavolt® It will provide Breakout’s exclusive patented intellectual property, which combines real-time data visualization, assessment, and monetization capabilities within the reach of users. Other social networks generate a great deal of data, and with this partnership, Breakout can become a repository of all social data including data generated in e-commerce and other related platforms. With the integrated audio capabilities of Breakout combined with the patented ADIO packet data technology, Breakout is poised to make a huge impact in the social media space.

“Breakout presents a unique opportunity to advance social media platforms toward a more convenient, accessible, and financially viable future. Consumers are tired of social media platforms that use consumer data to fill their pockets. Today, through this partnership, we are automatically and systematically bringing back a portion of Revenue into users’ pockets. Personal data is our property for monetization. The success of our partnership with Breakout will provide a powerful proof of concept for the benefit of users of the data objects they create through the metaverse,” says Nathaniel Bradley, Co-Founder and CEO of Data Vault Holdings.

“Every time a Breakout user shares their most valuable time asset with us, it multiplies and provides valuable new information such as the user’s preferences, interests, and activity. In turn, this information informs data objects that our Breakout app is now generating in action with Datavault.®Our users gain new capabilities to manage data, visualize, and monetize the assets they create,” adds Breakout CEO Cody Harvey.

Datavolt® It will help Breakout users retain ownership of a myriad of data assets including user interactions, habits, data from interconnected platforms, and likes. Datavault’s cloud-based encryption technology helps introduce a revolutionary idea to a combined audience of more than two million users, that they have the ability to decide how and when their data is sold while claiming most of the revenue generated for themselves.

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Breakout is an audio social network for people who want verified, high-quality content that can be easily created and heard and free from the censorship of big technology. The free app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. For more information, please visit

About Data Vault Holdings Inc.

Data Vault Holdings Inc. It is a technology holding company that provides a private cloud-based platform for the delivery of cryptocurrencies backed by branded data. Data Vault Holdings Inc. supplies Companies with the tools to securely monetize data assets via the Information Data ExchangeTM (IDE). The company is finalizing the merger of its subsidiaries Data Donate Technologies, Inc. ADIO LLC and Datavault Inc. As wholly owned subsidiaries under one corporate structure. Learn more about Data Vault Holdings Inc. at

About Datavault Inc.

Datavault Inc. owns. Patented cloud-based technology is changing the way companies value and trade data. The Datavault Inc. team has moved Decades of experience in enterprise solutions, blockchain technology, and digital security to help customers manipulate data objects in real time. Datavault Inc. owns. Information Data Exchange (IDE), the first exchange of its kind that allows registered buyers and sellers to trade data objects for cash or other monetary assets, including cryptocurrencies. Learn more about Datavault Inc. at


ADIO LLC has developed a premium ad-driven monetization platform that enhances user experience through high-frequency audio ads. ADIOTM uses leading-edge patented packet data technology to integrate into an audio file for an even more powerful user experience. Learn more about ADIO LLC at

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