Carly Lawrence Shares Picture With Possible New BF

Season 2 Too Hot To Handle star Carly Lawrence shares a sweet photo with social media influencer Stephen Kelly, who may be her new boyfriend.

Carly Lawrence shared a sweet photo with Vine star and social media influencer Stephen Kelly, and fans are now speculating if this could be the case. Too hot to handle Season 2’s new star boyfriend. Fans learned that Carly was a 24-year-old Canadian model Too hot to handle was filmed. Despite initially pairing up with Chase de Moor, Carly makes it to the end of Season 2 dating Joey Joy instead.

Some viewers thought their relationship wouldn’t last, but Carly and Joey continued dating for two months after the show aired. Only in August 2021 Carly revealed that Joey had cheated on her. Then I opened up in an interview about feeling “used” By Joey during their relationship. Since then, there have been some rumors that Carly was dating someone new, but most of those assumptions were just speculation.

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Now, Carly is tender Too hot to handle Fans have something new to talk about on social media. On Friday, November 26, Carly shared a photo adopted by Stephen Kelly, writing: “is not it”. For context, Stephen has become a prominent social media influencer on Vine, the short video-sharing social network that was acquired by Twitter in 2012 and shut down in 2017. If you’re not familiar with Vine, TikTok was basically TikTok but years ago to blow up TikTok. Stephen has also worked as a model in recent years, and as a result, he has grown on other social networks as well. For one, he currently has 390,000 followers on Instagram.

It should be noted that Carly usually doesn’t explain herself fully on social media, so there’s always room left for interpretations and speculation. Apparently Stephen is just a good friend of Carly’s and there is absolutely nothing to this particular photo and Instagram caption. There is also a chance that there will be He is Something is going on between them but it’s still all too new for the audience to be aware of. Anyway, Carly has mastered the art of giving Too hot to handle Regular updates for fans as they get through the post-season era.

A few Too Hot To Handle stars have taken to the comments section to respond to this Instagram post from Carly. for example, Too hot to handle Winner Marvin Anthony wrote: “Happy for you and your friend. You change every week though. I miss you.” Melinda Melrose also shared a comment full of sharp emojis. Meanwhile, Nathan Webb commented, Two favourites.

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Source: Carly Lawrence / Instagram

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