Chumel Torres’ most controversial moments on social networks

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Over the past few days, the name Chomel Torres He appeared in social networks, especially in Twitter, due to different statements of the driver The pulse of the republic I have done on different topics.

One YouTuber in particular was discriminated against for his comments against the president’s actions Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLOIt was carried out on his responsibility. It has also been described as a classic and racist who linked a character’s appearance in a movie to supporters of the CEO and the party who brought him to the National Palace. The National Renewal Movement (brown woman). Also, it was heavily criticized by Make fun of overweight people and non-binary language.

Also, on the afternoon of Saturday 8 December, a impact cause controversy Twitter Because his image was used by a Colombian multinational app Connecting. Given this, Internet users invited to uninstall a program Execution in the form of a protest.

(The app) decided to make Chumel recista, caste and misogyny as an image, From this moment your application is uninstalled“,” Gloria Alvarez, Chomel and Leon Cruz They can talk about anything for hours without being prepared.”, “Will racism end?“,” Is Idiot Chumel really celebrating this trend because people cheat on it and hate it and hate it? They were just some of the comments made by users of social networks against him. Youtube.

That time was one of the most frequently mentioned statements among Internet users Youtube Lopez Obrador criticized voters for using the color of their skin and clothing as an argument.

This is the photo in which Chumel Torres shot AMLO followers (Image: Twitter /chumelTorres)
This is the photo in which Chumel Torres shot AMLO followers (Image: Twitter /chumelTorres)

“How did you know I voted for Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador?!?” On January 5, Chomel wrote on his Twitter account, that he attached his message to a picture Maribel Madrigal, Imaginary character CharmOne of the latest movies Disney.

With this phrase, uttered hypothetically by some or some of the president’s supporters, Shumel implied that it would be expected that A person with dark skin, black hair, and folk dress votes for AMLO.

In one of his recent releases, Chumel Torres shared a video of the group members Gordes activists from Argentina (CGA) announced the first multinational meeting of activists in body diversityIt really amuses him.

In the video I shared, you can see eleven women explaining the topic of the meeting, because this group is too against From the disease s Discrimination Since it is fixed on fat bodies, its goal is to eliminate the stigma and “gordophobia“.

See you all at the park… at Krispy Kreme’,” he wrote on the morning of December 8.

Chomel Torres mocked the Gordes Activistas de Argentina (CGA) group.  (Photo: Twitter / @ChumelTorres)
Chomel Torres mocked the Gordes Activistas de Argentina (CGA) group. (Photo: Twitter / @ChumelTorres)

Regarding Torres’ criticism of the president, what has stood out most in recent days is the one in which he mocked Lopez Obrador’s comments about a statue located in Tabasco.

The President referred to a statue dedicated to the country located in the aforementioned entity as follows: “In my state they have done a job Beautiful monument to the country. there he is A woman with her bust very clear Well.. this is the house. How do you know deception? Like “la shishona”. Because… well, I’ll leave that to you. So I don’t want to like him either. Why statues? Have you seen the statues of Ricardo Flores Magón? no thing. “

On his part, Chomel Torres said sarcastically Tabasco is “the most feminist president in history” from Mexico.

In 2017, Chomel Torres confirmed that Mexicans "We do not deserve freedom of expression" (Photo: Twitter / ChumelTorres @)
In 2017, Chumel Torres asserted that Mexicans “do not deserve freedom of speech” (Image: Twitter/chumelTorres)

It is worth noting that in one of the influencer’s oldest posts, from 2017, Torres questioned the right to freedom of expression enjoyed by Mexicans.

“In the past four years, there hasn’t been a single protest in Mexico that hasn’t ended in vandalism. We do not deserve freedom of expression,” Shomel confirmed during January 2017, the year that Enrique Peña Nieto (EPN) Served as President of Mexico.

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