Clubhouse social network is now available in the browser

Since the emergence of the social network Clubhouse in 2020, users have always been required to use a mobile app to interact with the platform. This is about to change, and people will be able to connect to Clubhouse rooms using a browser without having to register with the platform.

According to reports, Clubhouse developers have started testing a new beta feature that allows you to interact with social media through a browser. The mobile version of Clubhouse will have a tool for creating links to rooms, which can be shared, for example, on social networks or via email. After clicking on this link, users will be able to join the number of listeners directly in the browser without having to download and install the service client.

Today we present an easy new way to spread the word about great rooms. It’s called…Dramol…Share! We invented this and no one thought of it before; Even better, when sharing, people now have the option to listen on their desktop – no login required

Although it will be possible to join the Clubhouse without registration, only authorized users can create links to rooms. At this point, the innovation is made available to a limited number of Clubhouse users from the United States. It is assumed, if necessary, that the ability to use the platform through a browser will extend to other markets. No specific deadlines have been announced, so it’s hard to say how long the new feature will be in testing.

Club House

Clubhouse recently added a new way to enhance room discovery; With a new sharing option that will allow users to highlight the interesting sessions they are participating in to other users.

This process is basically a retweet version of the Clubhouse, to help amplify the big discussions.

As the Clubhouse explained: “Now when you hit the ‘Share’ button at the bottom of the room (or restart); you’ll see three options. Share on Clubhouse, Share via social network, or copy the link to share via a messaging app. If you select Share in Clubhouse; you’ll be able to add Comment and share with your followers They will see this room in the lobby and if the room is available they will also be notified that you shared it so they can join you.

To be clear, the Clubhouse offers sharing options; through the social network and through the messaging application for some time; Only new internal sharing feature has been added.

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