Computer education is vital for students

In addition to religious education, access to modern science and technology is an important need at the present time.

The demand for it is increasing and it has become impossible to get a job without a computer.

In this regard, the establishment of a computer lab for students at Dar Al Uloom Teach Al Quran, Raja Bazaar is a great development.

Computer education is also to be enjoyed. Now, besides religious education, computer courses will also be offered to students studying here.

These views were expressed by the head of the Qamar Jahan Foundation d. Jamal Nasser on behalf of the Foundation.

Maulana Ashraf Ali, Supervisor (Muhtaim) of Dar Al Uloom Learn Quran, Raja Bazaar, the lab started by pressing a computer button, while Maulana Gohar Rehman, Maulana Syed Sibghatullah Shah, teachers and a large number of students. Also present. Dr. Jamal Nasir said that my mother Mrs. Qamar Jahan Begum always emphasized the acquisition of knowledge, in light of her teachings and desires, I impart this mission to decorate children with education, and this lab is a link in the same chain.

Maulana Ashraf Ali thanked Dr. Jamal Nasir for establishing a computer lab for students of Dar Al Uloom Teaching Quran, and said that this is the first of its kind in Rawalpindi city schools. It will be the first lab that the school students will benefit from. ma

Olana Gauhar Rahman described the establishment of the lab as a good initiative and said that helping children gain knowledge is a charitable foundation.

We are no less honored that the head of the Qamar Jahan Foundation, Dr. Jamal Nasser, is involved in this work. He sponsored and encouraged us to have a computer lab in Dar Al Uloom. Today is a day of happiness and expansion for us.

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