cybercrime A fake call center dismantled in Ekbalpore, 12 people arrested

A dozen men were arrested Thursday evening in Ekbalpore, southwest Calcutta, for allegedly running an illegal call center.

Agents from the Kolkata Police Detective Department said the center did not have the necessary clearance from the telecommunications authorities and that its callers were deceiving customers.

“We had received a complaint for cheating and criminal conspiracy from one person. The complaint was lodged with the Lalbazar cyber police station. Subsequently, the detective service resumed the investigation, ”said a senior officer of the Lalbazar police.

Police said Thursday evening they seized three hard drives, several datasheets and a router from the house that was once the workstation of the accused callers.

Senior officers said most of these bogus call centers would operate by hiring young people, who would present themselves as representatives of large companies.

“Callers had accessed customer databases from different countries, including the United States, United Kingdom and Australia, and called them at random,” the officer said.

“We have yet to assess the exact extent of the cheating these 12 young people have committed in the past few months when they set up the center.”

Callers reportedly provided customers with a link first and then made sure spyware with a link inside was sent.

Once the customer clicked on the link, the spyware installed itself on the customer’s cell phone or laptop.

“This spyware would allow access to the customer’s bank details. Sometimes it takes a lot of conviction over a long period of time to influence a customer to agree to click on the link, ”the agent said.

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