Cybercrime Dum Dum, a cyber crook steals an iPhone bought online

A 27-year-old man from Dum Dum, northeast Calcutta, was arrested on Thursday for allegedly stealing an iPhone that another man ordered from an e-commerce site. The accused received the phone at another address without the victim’s knowledge, a police officer said.

Kalyan Kundu was arrested on the basis of a complaint filed by the victim with the Cybercrime Police Station in Salt Lake a few days ago.

According to the complaint, the victim ordered the phone from the e-commerce site and paid for it online.
On the day of delivery, he only received an alert on his phone that the iPhone had been delivered.

The man then contacted the managers of the e-commerce site who informed him that his phone had been delivered and that the delivery address and mobile phone number registered on the site had been changed a few hours after having placed the order and made payment.

“The man contacted us and lodged a complaint,” the officer said.

Sishir Kumar Naskar, the inspector in charge of the Cybercrime Police Station in Salt Lake, said Kundu used two open source software that allow developers to make specific requests on target web pages.

“The software allows users to try out multiple IDs and password combinations as IDs on different websites. After gaining access to the victim’s ID and password, Kundu changed the delivery address and stole the iPhone, ”Naskar said.

Although Kundu remains in Dum Dum, he had registered an address in the new town to commit the crime, Naskar said.
“We are trying to find out how he came across the customer database on various business websites,” added another officer.

A Salt Lake court sent Kundu into pre-trial detention.

Two arrested for laptop theft

Two people were arrested for allegedly stealing a laptop computer from a Bhowanipore residence on Tuesday, police said.

Police said the laptop was found near a public washroom at Ladies Park in Park Circus on Thursday, two days after it was stolen.

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