Cybots launches AI-powered cybersecurity in A / NZ region

Cybots, the artificial intelligence (AI) -centric cybersecurity company, has announced its entry into the Australian and New Zealand (A / NZ) market, with a focus on assisting SMEs in the fight against cybercriminality.

Founded in Singapore in 2018, the cybersecurity company is launching with its Australian headquarters in Melbourne.

Cybots provides efficient and affordable cyber defense solutions that integrate advanced AI, using industry standard targeted cyber defense protocols without network disruption, to quickly deliver actionable insights.

The company says its mission is to make cybersecurity more recognizable, simple and affordable for SMBs in A / NZ, with the aim of ensuring that these businesses can better handle future influxes of cybercrime with advanced cybersecurity solutions.

The decision to enter the Australian and New Zealand (A / NZ) local market follows the increase in cyberattacks Australia has experienced over the past year, with cybercrime costing people the saving AU $ 1 billion per year.

Medium-sized businesses lost $ 33,442 on average due to cybercrime in 2020/21, while small businesses lost $ 8,899 on average due to cybercrime in 2020/21, according to the company.

In Australia, 87% of SMBs believe their business is safe from cyber attacks because they only use antivirus software, yet 64% of SMBs have experienced disruption following an attack, the company says.

Cybots CEO and Country Director, A / NZ Gary Denson, says: “SMBs are at high risk from cyber attacks such as email phishing, malware, ransomware, denial of service or attacks. water points.

“The biggest challenge SMBs face is that modern cyber threats are usually well hidden in their network. “

Denson says, “This lack of visibility is the real danger and it’s an issue we aim to address. SMBs should take a proactive approach to cybersecurity that is easily accessible and not wait until they have been attacked to implement a solution.

“Our experts have been in this industry for over 15 years and we have seen how far ahead of the curve modern cybercriminals have become.”

When SMBs implement Cybots to proactively manage their cybersecurity, they have an expert and sustainable solution that minimizes business risk, says Denson.

Cybots is able to work with SMB IT departments and / or their managed service providers to deliver business technology. The company provides advanced detection and management response, compromise assessment, incident response and threat intelligence services CyberTotal.

Cybots’ approach to cybersecurity solutions is designed to minimize business disruption and conforms to Australian Government standards and guidelines.

The A / NZ-focused company website reads: “As the region’s premier AI-powered cybersecurity specialists, we design and customize solutions that help businesses improve their protection. against complex and rapidly growing cybercrime.

“Our unique systems are designed to meet the specific needs of all small and medium businesses with 200 or more employees, and comprehensively support the cybersecurity strategy developed by the Australian government. “

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