Do you want another reason to leave social networks?

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social networks They don’t exactly have their best moments, at least with respect to the image the general community has of them. A few months ago, as a result of revelations about the harmful effects of Instagram on teenagers, an American politician defined social networks as the new tobacco. And there is some truth in this analogy, for we know that as a rule they do not bring us anything good, but nevertheless we continue to consume them in abundance.

However, despite this, it is indisputable for quite some time now It has become a channel of communication that many people useEspecially if you look at the private messaging features i.e. direct messages. I know people who use Instagram direct messages for a large part of their personal communication, and I’m sure the same is happening in the rest of the social networks.

a) yes, Naturally, companies also decided to use this channelOn social networks to connect with your customers. It is true that this use is still environmentally friendly, but we can be sure that, unless users stop using networks, every day there will be more companies that will take this step, and they will even turn social networks into the main way to communicate with part of your customers. This, as I said, seems understandable to me, although I personally would not entrust my personal contacts to a social network, but hey, there are tastes to everything.

Now, in other latitudes, where this paradigm has already been explored more than here, we find one more reason to stay away from social networks. And as we read on Business Insider, The United States has put in place a new regulation that will allow collection companies to contact debtors through social networks. It is a model that, although perhaps with some modifications, can be exported to many other geographies.

Do you want another reason to leave social networks?

approach, yes, Reasonably restricted when it comes to privacy. The most important thing is undoubtedly those companies They will only be able to contact debtors through direct private messagesNever post on your walls, in response to your messages, posts, etc. That is, no person except the debtor may know the mentioned communications.

On the other hand, The collection company must immediately identify itself as such. For example, it is not allowed to send friend requests or similar actions in order to establish contact with the debtor, if you did not clearly identify yourself earlier or in the mentioned requests. Plus, Debtors may indicate that they do not wish to be contacted in this way, and companies that are on hold will have to accept it and ignore this channel of communication.

I must admit that what has been agreed upon in this new system seems entirely reasonable to me, due to the respect for privacy and control it gives users when that door is closed. However, it is also true that Social networks are a space many people turn to to try and strip a little bit of their daily life. And opening one of them only to find a Dion alarm, it would surely be a nuisance to more than one.

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