Have insiders sold shares of Computer Age Management Services Limited (NSE: CAMS) recently?

Investors may wish to note that insiders Computer Era Management Services Ltd.Vasanth Jeyapaul, who recently earned 3.1 million rupees from the sale of shares, earned an average price of $3,053. It wasn’t a huge sale, but it did reduce its holding by 12%. This does not instill confidence.

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Insider transactions for computer life management services over the past year

In the past 12 months, the largest single sale by an insider was when the insider, Ravi Nagaraj, sold Rs 7.2 million worth of shares at $3,609 per share. While insider selling is negative, for us, it is more negative if the shares are sold at a lower price. The good news is that this big sale was well above the current price of INR 3,055. So it may not shed much light on insider confidence at current levels.

Computer Age Management Services insiders did not buy any shares in the past year. You can see a visual depiction of internal transactions (by companies and individuals) over the past 12 months below. If you want to know exactly who sold, how much and when, simply click on the chart below!

NSEI: Competency Assurance Management System Insider Volume on November 27, 2021

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Insiders Ownership

Another way to test the compatibility between company leaders and other shareholders is to look at the number of shares they own. Usually, the greater the internal ownership, the more likely insiders will be motivated to build the company in the long run. Employees at Computer Lifetime Management Services own approximately $5.1 billion in stock. This equates to 3.4% of the company. We’ve certainly seen higher levels of insider ownership elsewhere, but these holdings are enough to suggest alignment between insiders and other shareholders.

What can insider transactions in computer life management services tell us?

Insiders haven’t bought shares of Computer Age Management Services in the past three months, but there have been some sell-offs. And there haven’t been any comfort purchases over the past year. But as computer age management services are profitable and growing, we are not too concerned about this. It’s nice to see a high-end interior property, but the sale on the inside leaves us wary. So while it’s helpful to know what insiders are doing in terms of buying or selling, it’s also helpful to know the risks a particular company faces. While conducting our analysis, we found that computer life management services have 3 warning signs It would be unwise to ignore these.

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For the purposes of this article, insiders are individuals who report their transactions to the relevant regulatory authority. We currently account for open market transactions and private dispositions, but not derivative transactions.

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