“[He] He did a background check on me.”

A woman was shocked to find out that her husband had taken a background check on her.

I took to Reddit “Am I a ******?” Forum to share her dilemma. She discovered evidence of a background check while using her husband’s laptop. When the wife confronted him about it, he didn’t think it was a big deal.

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“We have been married for three years,” the wife explained. “I recently found out that before we got married, my husband did a background check for me and my family. I found out because we were on vacation with his family and they were doing things I wasn’t interested in participating in several times, so I stayed. He let me borrow his laptop because I left the computer The mobile is at home. I created a folder with my name, and was looking for it when I found another with my name. The folder was full of reports about me, my family (including my extended family) and a couple of my childhood friends. I read as many reports as I could before my husband and his family came home At that day.

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I was horrified to see how thorough the background check was.

“Initially, it only hurt that he would do something like this without talking to me first, but as I read more and started discovering things about my family and friends that I never knew I started to get angry,” she said. “So, when I saw my husband, I blew him up in front of his family. At first, he tried to say it wasn’t a big deal, and his cousin came in to say it was normal and he wasn’t the only one who did that in his family. When he saw that I was restless, he tried to convince me to go to our room So we could talk about it privately, but I told him I wasn’t going anywhere with him and I was leaving. I ended up staying in a hotel all night, and we both flew home shortly afterwards, and they cut short the vacation.”

Redditors didn’t think the wife was wrong for being upset.

“I don’t see anything wrong with doing a quick background check when you start to recognize someone. But by the sounds of that, it goes really deep into the scary area,” one commented.

Another said, “I’ll freak out, too.”

One user wrote: “It is not normal to perform a background check on someone and their family.”

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Scary Woman makes a “scary” discovery after browsing her husband’s computer: “[He] He did a background check on me” that first appeared on In The Know.

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