How to top up pubg mobile widgets easy and safe

How to top up pubg mobile tugs safely and easily – educate me

Buggy game is one of the most loved and preferred games by children and adults. So the Buggy game player wants to achieve many levels and his main goal is to win. But to continue the game and pass the other levels, he must have many, many trumps, and this costs the player a lot of money; As the company that produced the Buggy game first made the game levels free, and after the addiction to the game and the passion to win by skipping all the levels by buying the game keys to be able to buy the weapons and equipment. necessary equipment; In order to make profit and financial gains, the company that produced the Buggy game explained the companies through which it can charge the intensities of the game, such as bank accounts and communication companies; So we will tell you the ways to ship the PUBG game shims and we will also show you other ways to ship the shims without spending a lot of money in a very easy way.

How to ship pubg widgets

There are many sites that are guaranteed to process sending PUBG widgets; Where these sites provide the best services to gamers, and there are sites that allow to get tugs for free in exchange for watching streaming videos and sharing them with friends and family and on player’s personal pages, which allows the player to obtain many points which can be exchanged for a balance in his account and then buy keys using this balance.

For the charging process to be successful, you need to follow these steps:

  • The player must enter the PUBG game
  • The player must click on the corners icon which is inside the game
  • Then the player chooses the number of wedges he wants to buy
  • Then the player tests their preferred payment method
  • Then enter the required data and press the confirmation button
  • After following these steps, the coins you purchased will become in your account in PUBG game
  • The presence of intensities can be confirmed by logging into the player’s account

key price

There are prices for PUBG game bundles that we will show you to ensure the smooth shipping process, which are:

  • 63 intensity, amounting to 10.6 pounds
  • 198 intensity, amounting to 48 pounds
  • 690 intensity, or 160 pounds
  • 1995 gravity and the amount of 400 pounds

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