Independiente charged Boca from their social networks and Battaglia denounced that their water was cut off

Independiente won the classic against Boca on the field and He continued to celebrate on his social networks. Shortly after the match ended at the Estadio Libertadores de América, a letter was published with a Certificate of Approval that read: “I was defeated by the King of Cups”.

and that is The red Stay ahead of everyone in the race to be the club with the most Libertadores Cups, With seven titles for his titles in 1964, 1965, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975 and 1984, while Boca stayed at six titles, winning them in 1977, 1978, 2000, 2001, 2003 and 2007.

he has the Zenez The chance to catch up with Independiente and even outperform him, but he lost the finals he played in 2012 with Corinthians and in 2018 with River in Madrid.

The post is in a charged tone of Independiente in favor of Boca after winning the classic

The card, posted as an image, reads “I was defeated by the King of Cups,” while the accompanying caption adds: “I will forever be called independent”.

Sebastian Battaglia denounced that Independiente cut Boca’s water in the locker room

The Boca Avellaneda players left directly for the Intercontinental Hotel Because, according to the coach Zenez, Sebastián Battaglia, in Independiente, they cut off the water and could not shower in the changing rooms of the local club.

“When they come to Boca we have to do the same with them,” Battaglia threatened, after a night of absolute nervousness to Boca.

Battaglia deplores that Independiente cut off Boca’s water in the dressing room.

Battaglia: “I’m more concerned about the reaction of some players than the outcome”

Boca Juniors coach Sebastian Battaglia has admitted he has left Avellaneda “More concerned about the reaction of some players When they were replaced by defeat against Independiente.”

“Some of the reactions worried me more than the outcome itself,” Battaglia reassured. After the obvious disturbing reactions shown by Agustín Almendra and Cristian Pavón, Who were upset when they were replaced, while Carlos Izquierdos has been expelled To attack Andrés Roa without the ball.

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Tense moment between Zambrano and Pavon. (Photo: Sportcenter screenshot)

“With the match, I’m not too worried because Independiente scored the goal in the first half and not much more,” said the Boca coach.

and referring to the changes Several (seven) that we made in connection with the previous match with Sarmiento, obeyed the idea of ​​giving football to all team members, “he justified.

Independiente has approached Boca in the general schedule and is excited to qualify for the Copa Libertadores

With their 1-0 victory over Boca, Independiente lived up to the dream of reaching the Copa Libertadores next year from the imminent title that River Plate could achieve tonight, which made separates Ironically, he exploits the conquest of his most classic rival.

The approach of the River Plate title, which could happen tonight in the Monumental against Racing, caused their classic rivals to go out to play last night in Avellaneda, on the 22nd. The start of the professional league, with only his mind on the international cups, except that The red You can only travel to them with this Pro League route while Boca also has the Argentina Cup route.

This is amazing The final will be played by Boca on December 8 from 9:10 pm Before Talleres, of Cordoba, or Godoy Cruz, of Mendoza, at the Estadio Unico Madre de Citiz, in Santiago del Estero, he had Sebastian Battaglia photographing all the team members Zenez.

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