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JK Rowling has been one of the most controversial figures in the entertainment industry for quite some time now and there is no way to shake off the notoriety that she has earned. Once again, the British writer is at the center of the controversy as she has accused a group of activists of “defaming” or exposing personal information from her home in England. Social networks have turned against it because it doesn’t make sense to complain about what data the public knows.

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successful around the world in the Harry Potter saga, Rowling He fell from the collective grace of a series of tweets published in 2020 in which he insulted the transgender community, saying that “only women menstruate”. The foregoing condemned her to the abolition of social networks, but although her fortune was not terribly affected, she earned the disapproval of the public. Things have gone so far so far that he won’t appear on the special for 20 years Harry Potter Which will hit HBO Max in 2022.

Through your Twitter account, J.K. Rowling And she stated, yesterday, that a group of activists stood in front of his house, took pictures that revealed the address, and shared them on social media. The writer confirms that she was a victim of information-gathering overuse and thanks everyone who reported the material with the social network administrators; In addition, he praised the work of the local police for taking action on the matter and not allowing harassment in the home. Here’s the start of his long string on the can:

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Last Friday, my family’s address was posted on Twitter by three activists who took pictures of themselves in front of our house, carefully positioning themselves to make sure our address was visible. I would like to give a big thank you to everyone who reported the photo to TwitterSupport. His kindness and fitness made a difference to my family and me. I would also like to thank the Scottish Police for their support and assistance in this matter.

But despite the publication Rowling Having thousands of likes, the creator of Magic World was not immune to public scorn. His home address is well known to fans and there are many, many photos of the property circulating freely on the web, as well as many articles that talk in depth about the affluent apartment. There were not a few network users who criticized k For his position on activists, referring to his position as a victim of hypocrisy. Here is a bunch of posts:

J.K. House Rowling has his own page on Wikipedia and here she acts as if she is being flooded with public information already, sending her fans after trans activists. Women never cease to be disgusted.

How can J.K. Rowling claim to have been exposed when her home is literally on a public government website as a reference point?

You can’t do without JK Rowling. One in two people in Edinburgh proudly indicate where their mega home is. They print pictures of their door in the tabloids when they get into trouble with City Council over their hedges. Like, his house is Edinburgh’s version of Enya Castle.

JK Rowling says “wahhh don’t show me” but the first line of Harry Potter is “This bitch lived on number four Privet Drive”. Where does hypocrisy end?

Oh, did you click on JK Rowling’s trend? Did you know that his house already has an entire article on Wikipedia? Damn doxeo can not be applied. Oh, and when you clicked, did it show you in the third result what terf is?

Oh no, I just shut down JK Rowling even though her address is publicly available on the internet. Next, I’ll do it with famous US President Joe Biden looking up the publicly available White House address online so you understand how ridiculous this is.

While I think J.K. Rowling plays the tearful victim, trying to expose her only allows her to offer her own anti-trans narrative. Let the old man curl up in the dark as she deserves.

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