‘Locket’ is a viral new app that lets friends share photos straight to your iPhone Home Screen

Home screen widgets were first introduced with iOS 14 and have proven to be one of the most popular features ever added to an iPhone. More than a year later, developers continue to search for innovative ways to take advantage of this feature. Currently at the top of the App Store charts is a new app called Locket, which “shows you live photos from your friends, right on your home screen.”

Take Crunch It first covered the popularity of Locket earlier this week, saying that the app essentially turns home screen widgets “into a proprietary social networking platform.” The app was developed by Matt Moss, a three-time winner of the WWDC Student Scholarship. Talking to tech crunch, Moss explained the inspiration behind Locket:

“I made it as a gift for my girlfriend for her birthday last summer,” Moss explains. “She was going back to school in the fall, so we were about to start a long-distance relationship,” he says. “Having a little picture of it on my home screen looked really cute. It’s a nice way to stay in touch.”

Locket works by first walking you through the process of inviting friends to download the app and join your network. Once you have added friends to Locket, you can then add the app’s widgets to your iPhone’s home screen. From there, you and your friends can add photos to Locket, and the tool will automatically update throughout the day.

What you do here is allow your friends and family to put photos directly on the home screen of your iPhone. It’s a very neat collaborative app for tools, and the simplicity of the app is part of what sets it apart. For example, you and your partner can use a widget for your iPhone’s home screens, and throughout the day pick and choose different images to display on each other’s home screen.

Also in the interview with tech crunch, Moss says Locket’s success can be primarily attributed to TikTok. While Moss posted multiple videos from an official Locket corporate account, the app quickly became the subject of videos from other TikTok users as well. The app is currently at the top of the App Store charts in the US.

One thing to note: Locket requests access to your address book to allow you to invite friends and family members to the app. as Take Crunch He notes that the more privacy-focused approach here is simply to allow users to send independent invites. Moss is said to be “considering changing this aspect of the app’s behavior,” but in the meantime, “says Locket does not store your contact information and does not automatically send invitations using its phone number.”

You can download Locket from the App Store. It is completely free to download with no in-app purchase.

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