MotoGP, Zarco on Petrucci: “Dakar is dangerous, Danilo is doing great things”

Johann Zarco wanted to have his say in what Danilo Petrucci was doing in the Dakar, and not only did he make some encouraging notes, but chose to go further. Ducati showed how close he came to following the exploits of Danilo, who as a former MotoGP rider has a great race in the desert.

Like other riders, Zarco was stunned by his results and is convinced that after racing for many years in MotoGP he has somehow prepared Danilo for desert pits, which must be tackled on a bike with great expertise, but above all with sensitivity and riding technology that is an absolute standard. These conditions are also required in today’s demanding MotoGP, a class that can stress riders so much that they give their best in all conditions.

“I’m following Danilo’s race carefully – Zarko commented – Because I am also concerned and concerned about his adventure in Dakar. I am glad to see his videos, I follow his posts on social networks: he does great things. At the moment, he doesn’t seem to be suffering much and doesn’t look as serious as I thought. It is possible that the structure behind him helps him to prepare technically.

When you are a MotoGP rider, you are ready to adapt to different situations, because the intensity of the MotoGP season is incredible, you learn a unique ability to focus. Knowing some stories about Dakar I was a bit worried, Because without experience it can be dangerous. But for now everything is under control. Hi Danilo, I’m following you with interest: it’s unbelievable that you managed to win.”


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