New CEO and CTO appointed at Rejuve

Rejuve, the AI-powered longevity research network, has announced the appointment of Jasmine Smith and Dr. Deborah Dejung as its new CEO and CTO.

The SingularityNET subprogram aims to expand human health with the help of voluntarily donated medical data.

Rejuve’s new leadership team will help make the project commercially available through the Longevity app, which will soon be available on iPhone and Android, allowing users to improve their wellness while earning rewards for discounted healthcare products.

The Rejuve decentralized network is part of SingularityNET, which allows users to create, share, and monetize AI services at scale.

The company aims to expand human health as much as possible through research based on donated medical data.

The data will be securely tracked through the blockchain, with contributors retaining ownership of medical information as well as being compensated for providing the data in the form of redeemable tokens for supplements, DNA test kits or longevity treatments.

Jasmine Smith: The new CEO of Rejuve

Jasmine Smith, CEO of Rejuve, previously served for years as a community coordinator in the SingularityNET ecosystem, her main focus being on transforming Rejuve from an early-stage research initiative into a commercially available service.

As the new CEO, Smith will be responsible for ensuring the growth of the community of data contributors, whose vital data will provide key information for Rejuve’s longevity research.

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After the appointment, Smith said: “The science of longevity is on the brink of incredible achievement, with more funding and research than ever before.

“However, longevity research should be a collective endeavour, not the advantage of the privileged few. To ensure this, retaining ownership of the medical data we produce is paramount.

“Often, this data is pulled and sold before contributors know it, without seeing a reward. Continuity programs based on decentralized ownership of medical data, such as Rejuve, are the only way to ensure that longevity research results remain open, accessible and decentralized “.

Dr. Deborah Doong: New CTO at Rejuve

Dr. Deborah Dong, an AI researcher focusing on computational social sciences, complex adaptive systems (CAS), and co-evolution computations will continue to develop tokens based on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that ensure unconditional ownership of products through data and intellectual property donors. .

Dr. Duong is currently researching emerging social phenomena among AI agents that generate informal data-driven models, as well as the economics of blockchain tokens that drive social good, bringing 30 years of experience in AI and CAS simulations to Rejuve – ten of which have been in field of health care.

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“I envision the Rejuve ecosystem as the first real economy that uses the principles of decentralized AI to harness the power of social networks in scientific solutions to aging,” commented new Rejuve CTO Duong.

“This will be possible through collaboration between decentralized AI and its member stakeholders, incentivizing them to contribute through an independent and equitable organization that ensures they own the fruits of their labor.”

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