Oxford graduate, Malala celebrates her diploma nine years after being attacked

Malala Yousafzai, an advocate for women’s rights in education, earned her undergraduate degree from Oxford University nine years after she was shot by the Taliban. She posted on her social media pictures of her graduation and said her current plans are to watch movies, read and sleep

The Pakistani, who graduated in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford University, England, as of June 2020, wrote, “Some Latin was said and apparently I have a degreeAfter the concert, which was postponed since last year due to the outbreak of the epidemic.

Malala and her husband Asar Malik at Oxford University. (Photo: social network / Instagram)

Posted by Malala after completing training in 2020 Twitter,It is hard for me to express my happiness and gratitude now, as I have completed my degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford. I don’t know what else. For now, it will be Netflix, reading and sleepingAnd




In the photos, Malala poses with her parents, Ziauddin Yousafzai and Tur Bekai Yousafzai, and husband Asar Malik, whom she married in the UK in early November.

Malala poses with her parents during her graduation (Image: Social Network/Instagram)

2014 Nobel Peace Prize WinnerFor his struggle against the persecution of children and youth and for everyone’s right to educationMalala is known worldwide after being shot in the head and in the back for violating Taliban guidelines, which set the tone for Pakistan in 2012. The system prevents women from accessing education, forcing Malala to protest. For the rights of Pakistani women to attend school and universities.

Featured image: Malala Yousafzai. Reproduction / Instagram

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