Peer, Inc. Unveils New Framework for the Metaverse

Increase in technology startup $12 million In seed funding to accelerate the convergence of the physical and virtual worlds

SeattleAnd December 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – Peer, Inc. , a metaverse company based in SeattleIt is launched from stealth mode with a vision to bridge the gap between the physical and virtual worlds. according to Tony K. TranFounder and CEO, “The metaverse we want and need is an immersive, human-centered experience that encapsulates the physical world.”

The meaning we want and need is an immersive, human-centered experience that encapsulates the physical world.

“Since the digital world came into existence, we have been craving for ways to bridge the gap between physical and digital reality,” Tran explained. “The metaverse is the confluence of these worlds. It will advance unimaginable technological progress and help bring the rest of the world to the table. It will draw us more into the real world rather than drive us away from it.”

Tran believes that virtual escapes are very limited and exclusive and that the real opportunity for innovation is to make the metaverse accessible to everyone, regardless of geography or socioeconomic status. “What big tech is building are technically meta worlds. The metaverse is a network of hardware and software that enables meta world contents to be experienced in the real world.”

Tran is a designer, inventor and technologist with over 20 years of experience in product strategy, development and design. Since launching Peer earlier this year, he has collected more than $12 million In a special position to develop hardware and software to help achieve the metaverse. “This may be the largest seed fund ever raised,” Tran said. “The early results of our work show that the metaverse will not face the same problems with social networks today. This is already a huge and crucial part of the conversations today. Our support comes from people who desperately want change, and this gathering speaks volumes to that end.”

That’s why as part of the launch, Peer is releasing a series of videos with the hashtag #unblind to help people understand the dangers of today’s social experiences and provide hints about solving the Peer metaverse. “Blinders have been used for centuries to control and direct attention. Algorithms that social media platforms apply to a narrow space like a news feed are an abstraction of these ancient physical devices. They are the blinders that make social networks harmful to users today.”

Rise of the Metaverse
Before 2021, the Metaverse was an obscure concept known primarily to tech enthusiasts, gamers, and the crypto community. Today, experts say the emergence of the metaverse signals a paradigm shift that could fundamentally change the way we work, play, and communicate for generations to come.

“We certainly think this is a multi-decade shift similar to the rise of the internet in the 1980s and 1990s, and then the rise and spread of mobile internet in the 2000s.” Matthew Paul, CEO of Ball Metaverse Research Partners in a recent TV interview about how to invest in the metaverse.

According to Tran, the metaverse will appear in three phases, each one building on the last, to take humanity to ever greater heights. It defines the three phases as Social Metaverse, Ambient Metaverse, and Singularity Metaverse.

Phase One – Social Metaverse
In the social stage, a new software principle will be created to connect people to the defined worlds. “We’ve already discovered a high-level bit that can ignite the spark that will unleash the metaverse – the digital big bang if you will,” Tran said. He anticipates this initial step to revitalize a whole new generation of innovators and companies, leading to a flourishing of creativity and prosperity in the lower social and economic classes. Peer The Social Metaverse is scheduled to launch in the first quarter of 2022.

Phase Two – Ocean Metaverse
As demands for increased connectivity to the Social Metaverse extend beyond the confines of current mobile devices, a new class of devices will emerge to meet this need. “People will want better access. That access will be on any surface, any screen, on us and all around us. This is ambient computing, and it’s clearly next. It will put everyone at the center of the metaverse wherever they are.” Peer is already developing a new device and system A pre-owned run of this predictive score.

Phase III – Singularity Metaverse
This stage is the final realization and maturation of the metaverse, where the world will become highly connected, advanced by artificial intelligence, periphery computing, electrification, and decentralization. according to son of MasayoshiCEO of Softbank, the singularity will occur by 2047. “These phases will occur over a decade of increments, so I think his predictions are absolutely correct,” Tran said.

“We are in the midst of a digital revolution,” Tran concluded. “Peer will accelerate the emergence of the metaverse by building platforms and devices that bring us back in touch with ourselves, each other, and the world around us. Connect with us and join us.”

about peer
Peer is a metaverse that aims to bring about the next transformation between humans and technology by accelerating ambient computing. We envision a future in which we use technology to thrive as human beings, build a better world, and bring us closer to all that exists.


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