PUBG Mobile 1.8 Update.. Details and How to Download the Game

The new PUBG Mobile 1.8 update for 2022 has been released which adds lots of improvements and options to the game.

New pubg update 2022

The new PUBG Mobile 1.8 update has brought many benefits, the most important of which is the addition of a new game mode called BR: EXTREME.

PUBG Mobile and the update that was made on it also contains 64 players with different missions, and a new weapon, P1911.

The new game “PUBG Mobile 1.8” includes a smoke bomb, as well as an additional helicopter.

Each new adventure in PUBG Mobile 2022 takes a few minutes for each adventure in PUBG Mobile.

Pubg Weapon Updates

One of the PUBG Mobile features added in PUBG is a new upgraded weapon which has a second level transformation range in PUBG Mobile, and the weapon also has a plunger attached to the weapon in PUBG Mobile. But this PUBG Mobile 1.8 update weapon cannot add or change attachments to it.

The new buggy also contains flash caches dedicated to the new weapon, and a feature designed to reduce the download time of the L85A3 has been introduced in PUBG Mobile.

Download the new pubg 2022 update

When updating PUBG Mobile, the player gets the PB 2888 backpack. There are also many rewards besides this bag, including getting weapons other than the mentioned ones.

The company which produced the game has also stated that there are additional rewards which the player will experience for the latest PUBG Mobile update. Includes a mask designed specifically for the latest version of PUBG, as well as receiving 400 Silver Coins.

Download New PUBG Mobile 1.8 Update

Any player can download the new PUBG Mobile 1.8 update, if they have a regular PUBG game, and it is done in several steps.

The first step is to access the app store on the mobile phone and the second step is to search for PUBG game.

The third step is to tap on the word “Update”, and after a few minutes the PUBG game will be updated.

Previous PUBG Mobile 1.7 Update

In the second half of this November, PUBG unveiled the 29th update since its release, and it comes as “PUBG Mobile 1.7” (New Mode: Reflection World).

The first version of PUBG Mobile game was released on March 15, 2018, under the name (PUBG Mobile 0.3.2), and from that time till now, the game has been downloaded tens of millions of times around the world.

The game is witnessing the emergence of the new mode (Reflection World), which became available on November 16, where the reflection island appears in PUBG Mobile when two dimensions collide, and this island is surrounded by strong energy .

According to the PUBG development team, the player enters the reflection island to fight as a hero against other players with new weapons and skills.

And PUBG Mobile 1.7 game update sees the return of modes (Vikandy, Royal Metro, Survival Until Dawn, Infection, Payload 2.0 and Runic Strength).

The new PUBG Mobile 1.7 game update is characterized by the presence of combat level adjustments, among which are the rebalancing of the sniper rifles, the increase in long range damage, the increase in speed shot and increased recovery speed.

Pubg. broadcast and accusations

At a time when PUBG game is very popular all over the world, making it “the most famous and important video game”, but at the same time it is subject to many criticisms and accusations.

Criticism put PUBG in the indictment box, after repeated incidents of murder and suicide because of the game, as some world governments rose up against PUBG after the game was changed from a means of entertainment to a platform to kill.

The number of casualties of the game PUBG since its appearance, whether by suicide or murder, has reached 9 cases worldwide.

Earlier this year, the game attempted to spruce up that image with a reputation system that ranks players on a six-point scale based on their aggressiveness (0) or good behavior (5), according to (aitnews).

Reputation Update

The update introduced by the PUBG game in the second half of last January aims to encourage players to be less hostile towards each other and help people identify and avoid bad players.

This update was also criticized, in a game that revolves mainly around killing, and pushes a reputation system that aims to fight in a civilized way, which some considered a strange irony.

“Maintaining the integrity of in-game interactions is important to us, and we know that emotions can run high on the battlefields, but aggressive behavior is never justified,” the game developers commented on of this update.

They added: To help make things more civil while killing each other, we are introducing the new PUBG reputation system.

The system gives a reputation level between zero and five depending on how you deal with other players, and your reputation increases naturally as long as you don’t display aggressive or annoying behavior.

Your reputation level is displayed in the Team Finder and the Squad Member List, giving players looking for a party an idea of ​​what kind of new teammate they are.

Things that can damage your reputation include frequently leaving a match and not returning and being flagged for negative behavior, which includes game obstruction, verbal abuse, or team killing.

Banning for more than 7 days for violating PUBG’s Terms of Service can also damage your reputation, and reporting alleged use of cheats by itself does not affect your reputation.

It may seem like an attempt by the game PUBG to reduce the level of aggression that the game imparts to young people, but in fact, despite the passage of almost 9 months since this update, the bad news regarding suicides and murders in cause the game continues.

First impression

PUBG was released on March 23, 2017 on PC and Xbox, and hit its peak in 2018 when it took over mobile devices.

PUBG game is based on “survival of the fittest” rule as it starts with 100 players and ends with one player or team winning.

PUBG has sold over 70 million copies, making it one of the best-selling video games of all time, and has been downloaded to cellphones over a billion times outside of China.

Over the past few months, governments around the world have risen up against the fighting game “Bubji”, after the game was transformed from a means of entertainment into a platform for killing.

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