purchase form. New computer for everyday use

Laptop or desktop computer?

Less than $500

Primary uses?
Regular email, web browsing, word processing

any special program?
My only request/requirement is for this computer. The software part is very basic – in the past I simply used Windows Movie Maker. However, I want to be able to transfer video from devices – like a small digital camcorder, smartphone, etc – to this laptop. I need a computer that can efficiently manage the video transmission process. Once the video files are processed, they can be stored on an external drive, on the cloud or something else – storage is not my big need here. In the past, FireWire/IEEE 1394 was the standard but I’m not sure if this has changed. If necessary, I will be willing to pay more for this upgrade

Do you play games?
short answer no
Long answer, I’m used to it but tired of playing with the latest technology every year

Too many concurrent programs?
Not really – apart from the video files, like I said only the basic stuff

Do you store a lot of photos/music?

break the speed?
I have no idea about this, so I’ll probably say no

Online shipping site/prices?
I don’t understand this question either. When shopping for a new PC, I prefer it shipped ASAP

How many screens?

Do you need accessories? OS?
Perhaps a FireWire port – see above. Windows preference. I’ve heard that Lenovo makes a good computer. Beyond that – no idea

Any reason to upgrade?
In the market for a new computer


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