Ransomware Attack Season Alert

A headline last month in the Tallahassee Democrat said “Ransomware Reached NBC 40 in Tallahassee”, another before that read “Envision Credit Union Taking All Appropriate Action After Possible Cyber ​​Attack”.

In June, I laughed as I read Ed Perrine, the former COO of Network Tallahassee, about when their organization was hit by ransomware. He said in the Democratic newspaper that “I was really tempted to go home and start drinking.” Well said, Ed.

As I told the Legal Administrators Association of Tallahassee last month in a speech, all cybercrime is sneaky; but the ransomware is as sinister as it gets and could indeed warrant a potent drink.

Cybercriminality :Envision Credit Union “takes all appropriate measures” after possible cyberattack

Disturbance:Notorious Russian cybergang could be the source of disruption to local CW, FOX and NBC affiliates

Purchases:Supply Chain Crisis Impacts Tallahassee Businesses, Testing Buyers During Peak Holiday Season

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