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The turbulent relationship of the Rivera family is getting more complicated by the day. Following the departure of Rosie Rivera as CEO of her late sister Jenny Rivera, and strong statements from Chikes Rivera, who accused her uncles Rosie and Juan of soliciting money, Jenica, the Queen’s youngest daughter, made a strong accusation. The artist who claimed that her uncle, Juan and his wife Brenda threatened her.

“Just so you know, if something happened to my family and me, my sister and we, Brenda and Juan Rivera, would have threatened us tonight,” Jenica Lopez, 24, wrote on her official Twitter account. The accusation drew an immediate response from his followers who advised him to obtain a restraining order against his uncle.

But the reaction of the public did not stop there, soon the social networks of Juan Rivera began to be filled with criticism and insults, and even more so after a strange post he posted on his Instagram account, where he showed a thumbs up and wrote: “Good morning. What do you see here? 1, 2 , 3 GOOOOOO”.

“that you are going to prison for threatening your nephews”, “the finger of failure, the thirst for fame”, “the finger of the man who throws it like a macho man and you stole from your sister or you stay”, “they have lived and live and they want to continue living Jenni Rivera, no la chingo.. Get a pimp job so he can figure out the costs of a life,” “Footprint Signed on Jenny’s Money Checks,” and “¡¡Vividor!” Regardless of the threat of death. You are scary! They were some of the more than 2,300 comments they left for him.

Juan Rivera is the younger brother of Jenny Rivera, and since the singer’s death has helped his sister Rosie manage the fortune left by the artist. This, although not named as an outlet by the Mexican music singer.

His life story is quite different from that of his brothers, as he was imprisoned in 1995, when he was only 17 years old, on drug charges. Later, he got into trouble with the law again and got into prison for illegal possession of weapons. In the past, the singer has mentioned that he has problems with alcohol.

“It’s a battle that started when I was 15. At the age of 30, I realize I’m an alcoholic and that one drink is making me out of control,” he admitted on the 2017 Despierta América programme, in comments compiled by La Neta Noticias.


Remember our Quran | Juan and Brenda Rivera: Things happen for a reason, and after Juan and Brenda thought they were getting married just because they signed a receipt, they deserved a great celebration, so they prepared everything with the help of the family and got married. They tell us the whole story. #JuanRivera #FamiliaRivera #RecordandoNuestraBoda

His love affair with Brenda dates back to 22 years. In September 2017, after having 4 children, they married in a luxurious wedding ceremony attended by Jenny Rivera’s five children. At that time the Rivera family was united and Chikes expressed his affection for the happy couple.

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