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The Social Soul: Mastering Your Personal and Professional Brand with Intent and Authenticity is now available on Amazon.

Best-selling author, award-winning corporate media coach, and social media expert Rob Napoli has released his new book, The Social Soul, to help readers master their personal brand. This new book is a guide to mastering your personal and professional brand with intent and authenticity. Social Soul leads a linear path to creating more realistic, value-added networks filled with engaging conversations and value sharing, leading to more impactful business and personal growth, and opportunities for readers.

Entrepreneurs seeking ‘influencer’ status are often associated with being seen rather than heard. Communication on a real level is important for sharing. The book is not a playbook but it is a course combined with different techniques one can use to interact online. While many people are hesitant to publish online, the pages of this book highlight the benefits of sharing rather than publishing. Engaging online is a better way to connect and create value with your audience and network.

“The goal is not to be a content creator. We are comparing that being an ‘influencer’ means being a content creator. Don’t be a creator, be an engineer,” Napoli stated. “Interacting with content drives conversations, value, and growth on a whole different level, and that’s what our ‘Social Spirit’ is all about.”

The Soul Soul is a book that educates and inspires readers to take action on the most powerful and beneficial social networks to date using great examples to better communicate when pursuing entertainment, customers, networking, and business success in a way that translates across cultures and borders. Job seekers and entrepreneurs are encouraged to visit Amazon to purchase a copy of The Social Soul.

About the author: Rob is a Stellar Service Award recipient for excellence in coaching and coach, speaker, entrepreneur, business coach, and career coach based in Brooklyn, New York. Rob’s journey from the Midwest took him to New York City via Milan, Italy, where he spent two years earning a master’s degree, expanding a global startup, and coaching professional American football. Rob is a continuous learner who creates engaging keywords, programs, workshops, and curricula for early growth companies focused on sales, marketing, branding, GTM, talent development, and continuous learning. As a speaker, Rob has given workshops, keynote speeches, and panel discussions to over 500 entrepreneurs, companies and founders from over 27 countries and is passionate about training, coaching and where to find the best whiskey bar in Manhattan.

Rob is currently the founder of Rise Up Coaching, co-founder and board member of The Hapday Group. He also hosts The Bear Necessities of Entrepreneurship podcast for interested entrepreneurs discussing real stories that give listeners the tools to overcome challenges and stay true to their true selves. To learn more about booking Rob Napoli for a talk or consultation, go to

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