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On October 13 dew flowers He turned 25, and wanted to celebrate her with a big party a few days later. Your aunt or uncle Gloria Camilla (25 years old) and some of her friends from Madrid and colleagues from El de Ana Rosa organized a fun evening full of surprises and a lot of passion. The happiness of that day was so tainted a week later, that on October 20 Lecturas magazine announced on its cover. Season Antonio David Flores (four five) And Olga Moreno (four five).

After days of silence on the part of the heroes, the story of the break also focused on the possibility of giving a third person a name and surname: Marta Risco, Telecinco’s reporter. Although there is no confirmation of this poetess by anyone involved, the mere fact that the journalist was one of those responsible for organizing the Rossio party and that the birthday girl herself did not participate in her networks Not having a picture with her despite a massive album being released that day, which made the controversy explode even more vigorously.

In the pictures shared by a daughter Rossio Carrasco (44) She could be seen blowing candles on the cake, dancing, chatting and having fun with dozens of friends and colleagues, but she didn’t stand up for Marta. However, in the reporter’s profile there were photos of both meetings of that day.

Rossio Flores, in one of her birthday party photos. Instagram

Now, a little over a month after the ceremony, at that time the young woman had not posted any content on her profile, Rossio Decided to delete this album Many eyes looked at her for evidence of his father’s supposed romance. Despite the fact that they were snapshots of her most memorable birthday, the collaborator Ana Rosa wanted to destroy it and only show pictures on her social network of which she is a model and wears her hottest looks.

Flores is getting more and more confident in her new personality, and she doesn’t hide the aesthetic adjustments made in recent months. In addition to changing his physique, he has also entered into new studies. After obtaining a higher degree in Dietetics and Nutrition, Rocio Jurado’s granddaughter enrolled in Higher degree of professional training related to management and financial management The company is in MEDAC, which is an official vocational training institute.

Pick up the latest posts that Rocio Flores showed on her Instagram profile. RRSS

The young woman is looking for a business opportunity that will give her the possibility of creating a fruitful business, and to do so without any controversy. That’s why he wanted to delete most of his media photo albums and leave his Instagram profile clean with white content.

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