Sherrie Hewson had to shut down the dating app after being bombarded with explicit photos

Anyone who watched Sherrie Hewson when she was a Loose Women speaker won’t be surprised to hear that she got us in trouble when we catch up with her on Zoom.

Whether it’s revealing that she didn’t bother wearing her pants on a few days while on lockdown or telling us that men sent her very rude photos after she joined a dating app, it’s so much fun we want to take her. at the pub.

But the former Corrie Sherrie star, who lives alone in Lancashire, also opens up about the pain of losing her brother Brett to a brain tumor and admits she was alone in the second block.

And that leads the 71-year-old actress to tell us about Readly, the digital newspaper and magazine subscription service she’s promoting that gives you access to 5,000 publications – and something she says would be of great help in those loneliest days.

Sherrie has opened up about her period of isolation


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Here, Sherrie, who hosts a Facebook chat show called Wonderbirds, talks about shedding a few pounds after overdoing it and how she misses Benidorm co-star John Challis – who died of cancer in September, aged 79 – everyday…

Hi, Sherrie, you look fabulous!

Here’s what filters do for you! My daughter cut and colored my hair for me. She is a qualified hairdresser. It saves me £ 90! Thank God for
that beyond the lockdown.

Do you live close to your daughter and grandchildren?

Yes. I see them every day. My nephew Oliver is 15 years old, he will become a pilot. Molly is 11 years old and a great rider, like me. And Rosie is two and a half years old. And she rules the world! Oh, my heart.

Do you help take care of your grandchildren?

Yes. I’ll take Molly to school, take her on horseback, swim. I’m taking Rosie to the play area. I do everything. Problem is, I’m about to do the Fat Friends tour with Les Dennis, which means I’m leaving.

Sherrie loved the extra time with her children and grandchildren


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How will it work?

I do not know! I liked the lockdown, meaning I’ve been with Rosie the whole time, so it’s going to be a big tear. But I had a few words with myself this morning.


Tony Maudsley, who was Kenneth in Benidorm, always plays and says “Get out of your ass, Sherrie! You’re stagnant!” I’ve given in to the world a little bit and it’s a dangerous thing. I’m not a lazy person, but maybe it’s complacency. I think that’s what happened to a lot of people. That’s why we got fat!

Did you find it difficult to motivate yourself to work?

I said no to almost everything that happened.

Why do you think this is so?

I just wasn’t ready. I was offered a TV series and they looked into how it would work. They said they would come and get me, so I would have to stay in my hotel room, then I would be masked, I would go ahead and do the scene, put my mask back on and go back to the hotel. I thought it sounded like being in prison.

Sherrie starred in Corrie with Ken Morley

Did you do that block thing where food and alcohol got you through the day?

Totally. I’m not a heavy drinker or big eater, but it has become a lifeline. And washing was a thing too.

In which way?

I used my washing machine all day, every day. I thought, “What am I washing?” You didn’t have to wear underpants or bras – you could just put on a sack because no one is there to say, “You don’t have any underpants on!”

Have you ever skipped showers?

The opposite. I got up, took a shower, then washed in the afternoon. Then I would take another shower and, before going to bed, another bath. I wasn’t even dirty!

were you alone

Not in the first lockdown, because it was such an amazing thing for us to deal with. But when we got back into solitary confinement it really hit me. I thought, “No, I won’t do it again.” And I had lost my brother, so loneliness was a thousand times that.

Sherrie with her brother Brett

You also lost your friend, John Challis …

He was just the most handsome man. We always drank red wine. I hugged him a lot and he said, “Can you stop?” And I’d say, “But I just want to hug you!” And he said, “Don’t do this when my wife is here because it just feels wrong!”

What did your wife think?

Oh, Carol and I get along so well. He said, “He loves you.” And I loved it. I miss him every day.

Are you still in touch with the Loose Women crew? Are you talking?

I’ve been there for 16 years, so we have a connection. I knew Vin, Denise Welch’s dad [who died of pneumonia in September] Well. I know what Denise is going through, having lost my brother. I feel so much for her.

Will any of them go to see Fat Friends?

I will do them! My character Julia is so fucking, I love it!

Are you hoping to lose some weight when you get back on the road?

Sherrie was a Corrie favorite

The only problem is I’m with Les Dennis. After each show, he’ll say, “Shall we do a quick one ?!” By the way, he intends to drink.

You have been single for years. Are you open to dating?

I went to Plenty Of Fish and started taking pictures of penises. I thought, “Oh my God!” So I got out of it. I don’t know how I would meet someone now. Men my age want 20!

Finally, you are promoting the Readly app. Are you tech savvy?

I have three grandchildren, I have no choice! But 44% of Brits over 60 became more digital during the pandemic. If I had known about Readly in solitary confinement it would have been of great help.

* Sherrie is the protagonist of Readly’s digital campaign for seniors. Readly is a digital subscription service that allows customers to have unlimited access to approximately 5,000 magazines. Visit for information

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