Sir Lucian Grainge’s 2022 message to UMG staff: ‘We’re at the beginning of a new wave of growth’ | Labels

CEO and Chairman of UMG Sir Lucien Grange It has congratulated employees around the world on the “exceptional” performance of the Specialty in 2021.

In a note seen by Music Week, the UMG leader reflected the global success of the pioneer, and New status as a publicly listed company and efforts to assist artists and songwriters during the last two years of the pandemic.

“For all of us at UMG,” Sir Lucien Grange wrote, “the past year has been, in a word, exceptional.” Our artists have achieved unprecedented commercial and creative success. Our position as an industry leader is underlined by the innovative steps we continue to take to adapt to and support an ever-changing market. On top of all of that, for the first time in UMG history, we’ve become a self-contained publicly traded company with the power to define its own destiny. Thank you for helping turn all of this great stuff into reality.”

Sir Lucien, who He almost died after contracting Covid early in the epidemic, also noted that the world is approaching the third year of the global pandemic, which has proven to be a challenge for the music community.

“We have provided support to address the impacts of Covid to recording artists, songwriters and the broader music community through organizations such as MusiCares in the US and Helping musicians in the UK,” he wrote. “Our partnership with the Music Health Alliance in the United States has helped more than 300 record artists, songwriters, and their families save millions of dollars in health care costs, in some cases allowing them to receive life-saving medical treatments.”

Sir Lucien also emphasized staff efforts on other initiatives, including Co-Pilot, a program to mentor UK musicians in various aspects of the music business.

“All Together Now in the United States contributes money and people’s hours to key areas of needs, such as housing, education, health and wellness, natural disaster relief and the environment,” he added.

Launched in 2020, Task Force for Meaningful Change I moved last year.

“The Staff Led Task Force for Meaningful Change continued its pioneering work this year, supporting more than 140 organizations around the world,” Sir Lucien wrote to staff. “The task force’s philanthropic focus last year was on education, particularly supporting students from marginalized communities in areas such as mental health and wellness.”

The UMG leader has presented a long list of major accomplishments – and their artists – in the global market.

On Spotify, UMG had four top 5 international artists such as Taylor Swift, BTS, Drake and Justin Bieber. Olivia RodrigoMusic Week Artist of the Year – She had the most streamed song with Driver’s License and the most streamed album with Sour.

In the United States, UMG had seven of the year’s Top 10 albums and three of the Top 5 singles. In the UK, Major had seven of the top 10 artists (bulk sales) in 2021 according to the official charting company: Taylor Swift, Drake, daddyOlivia Rodrigo, Eminem, The Weeknd, and The Beatles.

Sir Lucien stressed that in addition to recordings, UMG has a “continuum of services and resources in merchandise, brand management, sponsorship, e-commerce, film and television” for artists.

It’s a fun time for the artists, fans and music they love

Sir Lucien Grange

“I’ve gone through many transformational transitions over the course of my career: format changes from vinyl to cassette to CD; partnering with Apple to download; advocating for the launch of Spotify’s streaming service; creating the industry’s first partnership with Facebook to open up social media.” “Change is constant. However, through all these twists and turns, by adapting our business models, enhancing competition, and creating a healthier ecosystem for music and artists, we have never resisted change, we have embraced it. And we always come out stronger.”

Sir Lucien said the pioneer believed “in the alluring power of music, in the artists who make it, and in the fans who love it, and in the importance of supporting creativity in local languages, from country to country and from region to region”.

Leadership appointments in 2021 included the Capitol Building (Michel Gubbler), Def Jam (Tonji Balogun) and the island (Imran Majid and Justin Ishaq) and Ethiopia Habtemariamwho founded Motown as a stand-alone brand. Habtemariam won the Women in Music Awards at Music Week.

Sir Lucien wrote: “The future of music has been – and always has been – dependent on the discovery and nurturing of new talent.” “We and our artists have a common interest: to build and sustain their careers for the long term. We only succeed when our artists succeed. This is why our business model is based on long-term artistic development and investment. We invest our worldwide resources, capital, and marketing and promotional services , in addition to the talents and experiences of thousands of our employees.

“In country after country, we’re seeing record-breaking ownership flows to artists and songwriters. Indeed, UMG’s investment in artists has never been higher. This is critical, because for us music – the thing to which we all dedicate our lives – is the most Vital for creative human expression, it is an art and a gift to be cherished and nurtured.

“Artists naturally want the best shot of success. A lot of them choose UMG As their partner is the strongest proof of the quality of our teams, our values ​​and what we deliver time and time again across all of our brands and businesses in the 60 countries in which we operate and covering more than 200 markets worldwide.

“This is an exhilarating time for artists, fans, and the music they love. The entire music ecosystem is growing – by genre, geography, platform and consumer demand. Improved connectivity and increased smartphone penetration have pushed streaming to record levels. The definition of music consumption has evolved and deepened. Music is a vital component of a collection Wide range of media: feature-length films, television, short videos on social networks, “fit-tech”, health/wellness apps, NFT and blockchain innovations, games and new frontier metaverses.

“That’s why we should all take great pride in the fact that the recording artist and songwriter development work we do together at UMG is the single most important driver of the entire global industry. It is the lifeblood of every sector in music: independent and major labels, independent publishers and top publishers, and live events , live broadcast, radio, etc.”

I see a lot of opportunities in categories we’re just starting to monetize

Sir Lucien Grange

The CEO and Chairman of the UMG Board of Directors predicted a “new wave of growth”.

“I think we are at the beginning of a new wave of growth,” he explained. “When I think of the controllable music market, I see many opportunities in the categories we are just starting to monetize – social media, fitness, physical and mental health, gaming, smart audio devices, the connected car – some of which are already,” Sir Lucien wrote:

“Leading the music industry globally and sitting at the intersection of art and technology as we do, we are fortunate to embrace change and drive innovation with ingenuity and enthusiasm. This entrepreneurial spirit and culture of innovation at UMG inspires the leaders of all our companies around the world.”

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