Social Capital as a Powerful Business Tool

It is no secret that online earnings prevail over offline earnings. This means that times have changed and you should not play by the old rules. Some experts argue that societies are more important than money now. If we are talking about the Internet, it is not about the possibility of buying followers on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube although in the previous stages it is an important option. It’s about a longer process like creating a personal brand. In this article, we will talk in more detail about these concepts and why they are so important in the modern world.

The importance of social capital in the twenty-first century

People often use the concept of physical capital, these are physical things. Economists talk about financial capital. There is a concept of human capital, which is the set of knowledge, skills and abilities possessed by a human being. In the modern world, the concept of social capital has appeared. It is an economic value held by society and helps to generate new benefits.

In the first place, social capital is the interaction of people according to the criteria of reciprocity. It is useful for satisfying relationships and a sense of security. The task is to determine the degree of interest, desired and desired as an irreplaceable specialist.

Social capital is the foundation of any business for its long-term development. It is measured by the size of the community being contacted and the degree of trust. This is not a subscriber base, but real people who will listen to your tips and recommendations. They will see you as an expert. Such social capital must be formed. As a rule, people who earn a lot on the Internet from affiliate programs are people with a large social capital and a very high level of trust. This does not happen overnight. He needs to work on it. You have to start from the beginning and do it consistently. This is the basis of stable and high income.

Why do you need a personal brand?

Personal branding is one of the tools for promoting business and services. It can be the main and most important tool and will allow you to sell more expensive than your competitors. Today, a brand is not just the company itself that offers a product or service. Today, the character around which the company is built has become a brand. A personal brand is a specific image around your name. An image consists of all information available about you. The strength of a personal brand lies in the following fact: With the increased attention to your personality, the level of trust in your brand also increases. This helps create consumer demand for the products you recommend.

Building a personal brand should start with deciding what kind of image you want to create for others. Next, it is important to describe specific, measurable goals and a strategy to achieve them.

There are a lot of mistakes in building a personal brand. The first is the desire for fast results. Forming a personal brand is a permanent process. The formation of the reputation and image of an expert takes more than a year. Therefore, there is no need to expect immediate results. The second mistake is trying to be liked by everyone. If you are afraid to cause even the slightest resentment from your subscribers, your personal brand will be unconvincing. In order for people to notice and remember you, you need to clearly define your position and be able to defend it. Be consistent and you can earn the respect of your audience. People often tend to underestimate their knowledge and skills. It seemed to them that they did not yet have sufficient skills to call themselves experts. If you have something to show the public, don’t be afraid to promote your personal brand. Humility will only interfere.

When developing your strategy, focus on the value you plan to impart and the benefits to your audience.

Personal Brand Building Tools

It is best to choose 3-5 channels where your audience is widely represented. Make sure to promote your social network on Instagram if your activity is related to visuals. Top up your account and buy Instagram followers ahead of time to make a first impression and start the process of organic expansion. You can lead a YouTube channel that demonstrates your expertise in useful videos. The Pinterest social network of visual content can be a source of additional traffic to a personal site. Be active on social media: write comments in similar blogs, reply to your subscribers. This will help you establish yourself as an expert and gain new subscribers.

A personal website is an effective tool that will help you display the necessary information about yourself in search engines. The interview is a very good tool. To get to the interview, you don’t have to wait to be noticed and invited. You can contact the editor of the site on a similar topic and suggest your candidacy. The main thing is to show your expertise because this cooperation is beneficial to both parties. Collaborate and team up with other experts. Share the live broadcast and mention each other on social networks. This will help you get useful contacts, increase your reach and attract new subscribers.

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