Social Highlights – Djokovic gate: see the creativity on social networks

Social media caught fire after learning that Novak Djokovic was detained at Melbourne Airport to check his medical exemption, especially after Australia decided to cancel his visa. The Tennis Majors has collected for you the most noteworthy items on social media on January 6, 2022. And there were some great ones, as always! Welcome to Social Highlights.

Key moments in our launch

A montage of a poster for the 2004 movie “The Terminal” with Tom Hanks and Catherine Zeta-Jones as lead actors. The scenario tells us that a tourist from Krakow is stuck at JFK and his passport is confiscated. This is a good reminder of Novak Djokovic’s sleazy adventure (about 19 inches in our social profiles).

Roger Federer disguised as a customs officer on photo montageWith a big smile. (about 33 inches in our social profiles).

Ryanair airline He has a good sense of humor and follows Djokovic’s social media portal by posting the famous Ein Hawke’s photo, where we can read: “Not in Australia” (about 43 “in our social media highlights).

A very funny montage of the official document provided by Novak Djokovic to prove that he has had good vaccinations (around 53 at our social highlights).

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