Supercomputer predicts Premier League schedule with bad news for North London

Arsenal are expected to miss the Champions League places this season, as a supercomputer predicted that West Ham would settle for the fourth and final place in the competition.

As we see many times over the course of the season, companies create a theoretical league table to try and figure out how the campaign will turn out for certain teams, and the latest release isn’t great for us.

Arsenal should be missing out on guaranteed qualification to Europe by their league position (although the League Cup or FA Cup winners among the top five would give us entry due to their sixth place finish.

The computer expects us to end a tie on points with Man United but with a smaller goal difference, while West Ham are said to snatch fourth, four points more than both of us.

Tottenham also missed out on seventh place in the division, while Chelsea, his Londoner, slipped to third, despite the current appearance on the way to winning his first title since 2017.

Manchester City are expected to overtake both Liverpool and the Blues to become champions for the fourth time in the past five seasons.

This is all hypothetical of course, and is predicted before we even play half the calendar, using man-made statistics and theories. You can see the full schedule expected here on

While I think it’s too early to predict how the season will turn out, we’ve had wrenches in the works in recent weeks with both Spurs and Man United changing bosses, and there’s literally no telling how that will affect the season. Go ahead.

We simply have to keep doing what we’re doing and I think a convincing win this weekend will put more pressure on all the teams vying for the European positions.

I don’t see City win the title this year either, with Liverpool and Chelsea both looking stronger so far, but it wouldn’t be a shock if the citizens used the January window to bring in someone to make the difference.

Where do you expect Arsenal to end up?


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