Swimlane is hosting Mullen High School for National Computer Science Week

Denver – (work wire) – swimming lane, The The leader in low-code security automation, announced today that it will host Mullen High School at its US headquarters in celebration of National Computer Science Week.. Students will join the Swimlane team in the office on December 6 from 9:15 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. PT.

what or what: CSEdWeek is an annual call to action to inspire K-12 students to learn computer science, advocate for equality in computer science education and celebrate the contributions of students, educators, and partners in the field. To answer this call, Swimlane invited Mullen High School to see how the computer science skills they develop now could lead to great opportunities in the future. Students will experience different roles and opportunities within a leading company in the high-tech and evolving cybersecurity industry. They will learn how these computer science skills can allow them to transform any industry through innovation – just as low-code security automation is changing the landscape of today’s cybersecurity industry.

Why: “I believe that computer science education is more important than ever in our schools. It is the great economic equivalent in workforce development that gives anyone the opportunity to change their circumstances regardless of their background. I have four children, three of whom enjoy programming and one of them is a passionate teacher, and with As my career progressed and witnessed my children’s education journey, I was driven to offer my experiences and position to support computer science education, James Breyer, CEO of Swimlane commented. and technical encounters, and I was shocked when I realized how much of an impact it could have for me.”

“Recently, a teacher from one of our local schools in Denver called asking if he could share my information with a paying student. This young mind set up a cyber security club for students eager to take their computer science skills to the next level. He asked if he could help organize a trip to Our corporate office for him and his peers to learn more about our technology.Through this interaction, at Swimlane, we realized we could make an exponential impact for these kids as a team or a company.An even greater impact than if we each worked alone.We are looking at this event as a pilot program.And hopefully we can in future of continuing to nurture the curiosity of young minds in our society.”

agenda: Swimlane CEO James Brear will kick off the event at 9:15 a.m. local time to welcome attendees and introduce sessions and speakers:

  • 9:15 AM GMT Welcome, introduction, goals and review today

  • 9:45 AM GMT What is startup? What does it take to build a technology company?

    • Cody Cornell, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

  • 10:15 AM GMT – break

  • 10:30 AM GMT – What are the functions and roles and what do they do?

    • Michael Laiburg, Senior Vice President of Global Security and Enterprise IT

    • Josh Radcliffe, Customer Success Manager

    • Kate Hass, Senior Product Designer

    • Victoria Lange, Associate Product Manager

    • Mark VanKampen, Senior Director of Sales Engineering

  • 11:30 AM GMT – What is Swimlane and what is cyber security?

    • Cody Cornell, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

  • 12:00 PM GMT – lunch

  • 12:30 PM GMT – Security automation test engine and coding

    • Mark VanKampen, Senior Director of Sales Engineering

  • 1:45 PM GMT – Student questions and answers, closing notes

where: 363 Centennial Parkway, Suite 210, Louisville, CO 80027, US

How do: Encouraging media participation. Please contact Maria Simank to confirm interest.

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Swimlane is the leader in cloud-scale, low-code security automation. By supporting use cases beyond SOAR, Swimlane improves the ease with which security teams can overcome process and data stress, as well as chronic staff shortages. Swimlane unlocks the potential for automation outside of SOC by offering a low-code platform that acts as a logging system for the entire security organization and enables anyone within the organization to contribute their knowledge and expertise to protecting the organization. For more information, visit swimlane.com.

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