The differences between Korean PUBG and the original pubg mobile game and its features, the new version

The differences between Korean PUBG and the original pubg mobile game and its features, the new version – educate me

Korean buggy game is one of the competitive games in Royal Battle in which there is a lot of adventure and suspense more than the overall buggy game, so the Korean buggy has become faster to join, because players are rushing to play and register in so we are going to talk about the most important details of the game through this article.

Differences between Korean pubg and mobile pubg

Many gamers downloaded this game and preferred it over PUBG International for the following reasons: –

  • The game has become more interesting and exciting than the world game PUBG.
  • The game offers many different outfits and equipment to carry out fights and adventures on a larger scale.
  • Chests are a major reason to attract players as they are on a larger scale as you cannot find rare gear and clothing other than these chests in any of the games.
  • The luck is too great to win in this game.
  • The gamers feel no boredom while playing this game.
  • Its chests are filled with colorful and differently designed outfits and gear.
  • There are a lot of rare and legendary things.
  • The chests they are in can be purchased on the PUBG World Game, but at very high costs.
  • It is preferred by many players due to the presence of rare clothing and weapons.
  • Some gamers believe that Korean PUBG game users cannot play with original game owners in stores, but this belief is very wrong as they can meet and play together in the battle arena.
  • The game in which the language is not limited to Korean only, but there are many languages ​​such as English, Italian and French, where the player can choose the language that suits him.

Pubg game features

Korean game PUBG has many advantages which we can talk about through the following points: –

  • It has a lot of updates, but it is not much different from other developed games.
  • The fight is fought solo or in pairs or in groups.
  • The battlegrounds in which it is no different from the global PUBG.
  • It has rare equipment that differs from the global PUBG, as it has pistols and snipers, and it works more accurately and faster.
  • The cannons with which they can kill the enemy with one shot.
  • It has motorcycles, planes and ships which make the game more interesting and more adventurous.

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