The digital press already has more prestige than the paper press and the TV, and it doubles that of the social networks – CVBJ

More and more Spaniards trust in digital media as a reference for information. Although he passes through many social classes, his average score is 4.8which puts them on top of televisions (4.5), paper press (3.5and social networks23) in terms of reputation. This is evident from my last survey social scale For EL ESPAÑOL, which analyzes the prestige of organizations that perform a function of public interest.

Although scanning reproduces a certain paradigm shift, radio It is still a means of reference for citizens, who agree with it with a 5.3. It thus becomes the fifth “enterprise” in terms of value, after the Armed Forces (8), the Civil Guard (7.8), the National Police (7.6) and the self-employed (7.2).

the TelevisionsOn the other hand, they seem to suffer from a credibility crisis, because in just two years they have gone from agreeing in their work with 5.2 to stopping with 4.5, with local digital media (previously at 4.6) overtaking them as the most reliable source. the social networkswhich many users used during the pandemic to spread hoaxes, decreased from 4 to 2.3.

If the vote was divided due to the political affinity of the Spaniards, it turns out that supporters PSOE (4.8) and those of Fox (4,1), whose leaders tend to be very aggressive with the media such as EL ESPAÑOL. On the contrary, its work is supported by constituents popular party (5.7), United we can (5.3), Citizens (5.8) and More country (5.9), as well as among those who choose other training (5.4).

If the gender and age of the respondents are taken into account, it seems that digital journalism gets a better rating among woman (5) That between men (4.7), and between them over 67 years old (5.4) compared to young adults (4.4) and adults (4.2).

These are the last ones Between 30 and 65 years oldThey are more suspicious of the media in all its forms. They approved radios with a scrape of 5, and strongly disapproved of paper journalism (3.3) and social networks (2.3). Nor do they agree that TVs work with 4.2.

Finally, given the independent origin of Spanish, digital press agrees only on the residents of Valencia (5.5), while Castilla y León (3.6) is where it has the worst reputation.

Catalan social networks have the worst rating any platform can get, with a score of 1.7.

data sheet

3,000 interviews were completed across Spain, in proportion to county counts on land, gender and age, by the special SocioMétrica panel and Gandia Integra management platform, between 20-30 December 2021.

Data were subsequently weighted by job status, education level, and vote recall in the 10-N elections. Since it is non-probability sampling, there is no sampling error, but the convergence due to the equilibrium interaction, which is 97%. SocioMétrica is a partner in Insights + Analytics Spain, a commercial subsidiary, and a data science association that merges Aneimo and Aedemo.

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