The Frisco TreadShare based carpooling app now available in the App and Google Play stores

The Frisco TreadShare based carpooling app is now available in the App and Google Play stores.

The app was started by Erwin Germain, who moved to Colorado in 2015 from the French and Swiss Alps. Germain was surprised to learn that the state did not have a carpooling system, which he said he always used when living in Europe.

The app has been in development since 2019 and is officially active and ready to be used. It works like this: Colorado residents can upload their upcoming trips into the system or find other travelers who would pay a fee to accompany them on their journey to or from the mountains.

The goal is to reduce the amount of traffic on Interstate 70 and other highways. According to the app website, a one-way trip from Denver to Breckenridge costs about $ 16, Frisco to Vail costs about $ 5, Boulder to Denver costs about $ 6, and Glenwood Springs to Aspen costs about $ 8. Trips must be at least $ 23. miles unless they are to or from a ski resort. Any trip must be posted by a driver and booked by a passenger at least 2 hours in advance.

To kick off the app’s launch, Germain said his team is coordinating two giveaways via Instagram. The first is with the @ i70things account, where participants have a chance to win Nokian snow tires. The second is with @LovelandSkiArea, where participants have the chance to win a season pass.

For more information on TreadShare, visit

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