The new pubg mobile 2022 update for phones and how is pubg mobile 1.8 updated on phone

New pubg update 2022 For mobile and add many improvements to Buggy. Advanced weapons and internal improvements to game graphics. and comes pubg update 1.8 Which was launched a few days ago and the statements of the Karfton company. I have a brand new mode added pubg mobile 1.8 . good beside that pubg 2022 update Added to the game a larger map than before under the name. three which contains within it the PUBG-Mobile I will get 64 players, and all PUBG New State players will also get it. I have p90 smg and many new weapon ammo. In PUBG with 5.7mm scale and lots of development that took place in the latest PUBG update. Through the lines of the article, we will learn more about PUBG Mobile game.

New pubg update

New PUBG 2022 update added many features

Come New pubg update 2022 By adding a new option in PUBG which is the ability to customize various new weapons. Also thanks to this option in pubg mobile 1.8 A report is made for all the weapons used. With the launch of the new upgraded version of PUBG in the new season. It was also stated in statements exclusive to the company that produced the game PUBG-Mobile . The new version of the PUBG game will be released next week, with a video attached. It is explained on pubg update 1.8 This is a complete explanation of all the updates that have been done on PUBG and all the improvements that have been attached to the game.

Contents of the new pubg 2022 update

An update has arrived pubg mobile 1.8 It has many advantages, which, as we talked about, will be explained in a video from the producing company. We are listing some of them which have been done on Buggy as follows:-

  1. PUBG: NEW STATE A brand new game mode called BR: EXTREME has been added.
  2. like that PUBG-Mobile And the update that was made on it contained a number of 64 players with different tasks.
  3. close by pubg update 1.8 Inside is a new weapon, the P1911.
  4. The new PUBG Mobile game contains a bomb that emits thick smoke.
  5. like next to it PUBG-Mobile Added to this is the number of 300 unmanned helicopters.
  6. Besides the great functionality of pubg update 1.8 64 players are limited to a smaller playing area on the TROI map.
  7. In addition, each of the new adventures in PUBG Mobile takes 20 minutes for each adventure in PUBG-Mobile .

The many features of PUBG Mobile to launch

Understand pubg update 1.8 The new one has many features in addition to what was presented in the previous lines. As one of the characteristics PUBG-Mobile Added to pubg A new improved weapon that contains transforming scope in second level in PUBG Mobile. The weapon also contains a piston attached to the weapon in PUBG. But bearing in mind that this weapon in pubg update 1.8 It is not possible to add or modify attachments. The new Buggy also contains flash caches dedicated to the new weapon. In addition to this, a cool feature has been developed which is to reduce the landing time of the L85A3 indoors PUBG-Mobile .

Company Allowed Prices in PUBG 1.8 Update

During an update PUBG-Mobile The player receives a PB 2888 backpack. There are also many prizes in addition to this bag, including obtaining additional weapons other than those mentioned. The company also said that there are more rewards that the player will discover when they update PUBG-Mobile the last . Including a mask designed specifically for the latest version of PUBG, in addition to getting 400 silver coins.

Steps to Update PUBG 1.8 via Official PUBG Mobile Game Store

  1. Log in to the Google Play Store for Android phones or the Apple Store for iPhone phones.
  2. The name is also recorded PUBG-Mobile In the shop search box.
  3. Also, next to click on the word “Pubg Mobile Update” on the main page.

The new PUBG 2022 update, which was announced by the company that produced the PUBG game. Thanks to his account on the Twitter platform, many features have been added to him. PUBG game and its latest update which will be launched in few days.

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