The new pubg mobile 2022 update.. How to download pubg mobile 1.8 update, the latest version of January

Buggy game is considered as one of the most popular electronic games for many people of all ages which has gained great popularity in a short time, and therefore many gamers are wondering about the new update of the new Buggy 1.8 number, after what was announced by the producing company To play Peggy, a new update of the game will be released during the current month of July, and the company also announced through its announcement that the new version will bring many new additions for players, which increases the excitement and beauty of the game.

pubg mobile update date

PUBG Mobile seeks to achieve the best level for players to play during the game, and therefore gives players more opportunities for the player to have better rounds and matches, and for this reason, it has released new updates , which he announced to start during the month of January 2022

PUBG Mobile Update Surprise

PUBG Mobile has announced many surprises that the game has in store for players who are eager to update the game, especially at the start of the update. In order to receive these rewards, you must update them at the time specified by the company, which ends on July 16.

Does the new game update affect the server?

The company also clarified that the server or the server will not be shut down during the period when the player is updating the game of PUBG Mobile, but all you have to do is download the game through the phone’s play store. mobile, or through the app to download games to your mobile device or mobile device. Your iPhone, but it needs to be updated through the store, the game is not automatically updated through the store, and After downloading it, the player gains many features and characteristics that distinguish the game from the free or old version of the Peggy player.

Features of new pubg update

The new version allows you many special additions that the player gets, especially if he is one of the first players to update the game, because the game has set a specific date in which he liked to play all the surprises that the game has been added over the days specified by the game, the most important of which is the ability to send and accept age invites from friends, in addition to the many gifts that the game adds to new players.

pubg new update 1.8

It is reported that the new PUBG Mobile 1.8 update will bring many benefits to players, as players who update their game to version 1.8 will get two free coupons from classic chests, and players of the new update from PUBG Mobile will get a lot of character coupons and BP coins from it, and players will also get a magnificent mask and 400 silver coins.

Crafton company, the developer of Buggy game, releases new update from time to time to add more fun and excitement to the most famous game in the world, especially with the addition of new maps with graphics high that increase the fun of the game. To the power of ancient weapons.

PUBG latest update for 2022 game can also be obtained in a simple and easy way by following these steps:

  • Enter the Google Play Store
  • Then search for the original PUBG game on the Google Play Store
  • You will find the game in front of you in the name of pubg mobile
  • Click on PUBG Mobile and then you will find the update is available in front of you
  • Then the game will be loaded

Features of New PUBG 1.8 Update

The new PUBG 2022 update, which embodies version number 1.8, includes many improvements that PUBG game fans have been waiting for a long time. The game developer releases updates from time to time to add more fun to the game , and these features are:

  • Added New Consequence Map in Latest PUBG 2022 Update
  • The Spider-Man Game Mode PUBG Fans Have Been Waiting For
  • The new PUBG update also included the separation of unranked and ordered models
  • One of the biggest things included in the new Buggy 2022 update is a new supply store and mechanical booster

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