The shocking footage shows water flowing into the Scottish Police anti-terror base and all computers

This is a horrific case of the deterioration of one of Police Scotland’s anti-terror bases – flooded with rainwater.

The facility in Cardonald’s Glasgow is also used to handle power vehicle data.

The footage – leaked to the Sunday Mail – shows how bad weather caused water to flow into the building as well as everywhere.
Basic computer equipment.

Politicians and the union representing ordinary officers described the tape as “shocking” and “pathetic”.

A source in the force said, “This is not from inside a crevice where someone could enter and report a theft so that the public would not be aware of the extent of the building’s destruction.

As an office, it serves a very important function of the police. There is ongoing counter-terrorism and sensitive work as well as vehicle management elements. It’s part of the UK-wide counter-terrorism effort and it’s being run from an improper building and it’s clearly overflowing easily.”

Police station flooded after heavy rain

The tape is believed to have been filmed in August before it was transmitted to us. Heavy rains at the end of summer saw flooding. Scotland’s Chiefs of Police warned last month that the Holyrood Commission needed almost a quarter of a billion pounds to upgrade their buildings to “reasonable condition”.

James Gray, Chief Financial Officer of Police Scotland, told the Holyrood Criminal Justice Commission that he had conducted a survey.

over 300 buildings and found the property to be “in very poor condition”.

He warned that some buildings were not windproof or watertight and that parts of them had to be “closed”.

Scottish Governor Jimmy Green

Scottish Conservative Shadow Justice Minister Jimmy Green said: “It is surprising and totally unacceptable that officers who carry out vital counter-terrorism duties, which potentially save lives, are being asked to work in an office where rain falls from the ceiling and soaks computers.”

“The collapsing police estate in Scotland should be a source of shame, but it also shouldn’t come as a surprise after years of SNP neglect.”

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Calum Steele hit

Calum Steel, from the Scottish Police Association, said: “Heavy rain is not an unusual occurrence, and the fact that so far the service does not have wind and water proof buildings is pathetic.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “We immediately began an emergency response to an incident in August 2021 in which a police building in Glasgow experienced a significant ingress of water during an unprecedented period of prolonged heavy rain.” Urgent repairs were made to make the property weatherproof. and enable it to return to its intended use.

“On its inception, Police Scotland inherited a diversified estate that had been built over several decades and suffered a historic under-investment.

“In 2019, we launched our property strategy which outlined a £400m investment plan, however, our capital allocation challenges are well known.

“We are grateful to the officers and staff who continue to work tirelessly in challenging circumstances and the organization is committed to finding solutions that improve the environment in which we operate.”


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