They buy virtual land inside metaverse for 2.4 million dollars

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Several companies are working together to create the metaverse, a virtual space in which users can interact as they would in real life: socialize, do business, go to events, etc. In Decenterland, a virtual reality platform, there are 90,601 plots of land, one of which has just been sold for 618 thousand MANA, a cryptocurrency worth about $4. That is, the cost of the hypothetical plot of land is 2 million dollars 428 thousand 740.

Kelvin Hahn via Unsplash

The buyer is, the land they acquired is located in ” Fashion Street ‘, an area that will serve to offer virtual fashion events and sell clothes for avatars. In June, another parcel for a higher value was sold on which a virtual shopping mall was built, but according to Reuters They never saw a buyer.

These decisions are an investment and a bet that metaverses will become as much a part of our normal lives as social networks have, even if we don’t use them today. Cryptocurrencies, although not the most stable, have grown a lot in recent years. MANA, which is used in the Decenterland metaverse, reached its highest value since its inception when Meta announced the Metaverse.

Decenterland is the only metaverse where spaces will be 100% owned by users. They can buy it, convert it and monetize it. There are no limits to what you can do with the land you get.


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