They report a new global fall of Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, Meta’s social networks

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This Wednesday, shortly after noon, there were reports of a New global fall for Facebook, Instagram and Messenger It began to spread on the Internet and social networks. Proprietary Apps by Meta Mark Zuckerberg The company seems to suffer from various glitches globally.

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The Dailymail broker explains that the outage has affected an as yet unspecified number of users in several countries, including Mexico And Australia And many of them Europe .

According to netizen reports, the majority posted in Twitter The three social networks present different problems, both in their mobile versions and on their websites.

  • Facebook social networking site Users had trouble logging in and loading the main wall.
  • employment Instagram The web and app versions don’t load and direct messages don’t work either.
  • in a messenger You cannot send or receive messages in the app or in the desktop version.

On the DownDetector page, which records webpage dropping reports, you can see that Instagram has the most complaints, followed by Messenger and Facebook.

So far, neither Meta nor the affected apps have provided information in this regard, so it is not clear why this latest drop or when the service will be restored to one hundred percent.

This new glitch occurs just one month after the global meltdown Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp servers. On October 4, the apps stopped working for about six hours, a record for the company.

The crisis caused the great global failure Facebook posts are falling apart and $7 billion loss for Mark Zuckerberg’s fortune It is also said to have had an effect Facebook Inc change name to ID pads last announced. October 28.


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